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Host Guidelines - "Knock" Ford Out

We can't take another four years of Doug Ford's government. On any issue that matters --- housing, childcare, education, Indigenous rights, healthcare, the climate, you name it --- life has gotten harder to deal with.

As a host, you'll be the contact person for a group of volunteers in your riding. Together, you'll knock doors and listen to voters' concerns. We'll listen to our neighbours to understand what's important to voters and channel votes toward progressive candidates who will fight for the policies that will improve our day-to-day lives with a long-term, equitable and sustainable view of the future.

Hosts make sure that volunteers know where to meet, at what time, and make sure everyone is clear on which streets volunteers will cover. They will be able to contact volunteers ("attendees") directly to make sure everyone is ready to have great conversations.

You'll be supported by Ontario Voters Coalition organizers, so that you'll have the resources you need to "Knock" Ford out!

When filling out the Host Form:
- In the Administrative Title Field at the top, enter the name of the riding you'll be hosting in.
- For "Title of Your Event," use the format: "Knock" Ford Out: Riding Name.
- Enter a start date that will be the earliest possible date that you'll be door-knocking.
- Select a public location like a park or major transit stop as your location.
- When you click "Save and go to next step," you'll be able to modify the template so that you can send an immediate message to anyone who signs up to volunteer in your riding.

The shorter and more descriptive, the better.
Virtual events do not require a location, but virtual events with a location will appear on the event campaign map. (Those without a location will appear in search results only.) At least a ZIP/postal code is required for map placement for virtual events.
Select the timezone in which your event will take place.
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This is shown to people before they RSVP. Let them know what the event will be like and why they should attend.