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With a nonprofit, user-driven model, we've built the most powerful, accessible, intuitive, and full-featured online mobilization toolset on the market -- and it's just for progressives! Scroll down to see the top features and get a detailed look at all we offer.

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Fully Featured

A comprehensive online toolset

A comprehensive online toolset

Whether you're a grassroots organization or an international NGO or a labor federation, Action Network tools are right for you. Raise money for your campaigns, collect RSVPs for events, sell tickets, or ask others to host their own as part of an event campaign anywhere in the world (and in various languages too!), create online surveys and other forms, have your activists email their elected officials, upload images and files, create stunning action centers, and engage activists deeply on desktop and mobile with Action Network.

Mass and automated email, built in

Email a thousand, a hundred thousand, or ten million activists you’ve organized through our built in mass mailer, complete with complex targeting options, randomization for A/B testing, full statistics to measure success, and industry-leading deliverability. Or let your activists move through sophisticated ladders of engagement you design for them, sending them customized emails based on their actions automatically.

For organizers, by organizers

Action Network was built by organizers for organizers. We believe in doing one thing and doing it well, rather than trying to be all things to all people, and digital is our thing. Best practices are baked in. Social media is ready to spread the word on every action. Target with advanced queries or manage activists individually. All the data you need to make digital organizing decisions is right up front.

Partnerships for all shapes and sizes

As a nonprofit dedicated to building power for the progressive movement, we don't have clients -- we have partners. Individuals and small groups can use our tools for free, partners get access to additional features, and larger federated organizations get access to our networks tools, perfect for federated organizing. Click here to learn more and see which level is right for you.

For organizers, by organizers

Easy To Use, Easy To Collaborate

The easiest to use toolset, fully mobile ready

The easiest to use toolset, fully secure and mobile ready

Our tools are so easy to use that no training is required, so you can focus on improving your online strategy instead of wasting time learning how to use your toolset. We put the work in to ensure our interface is 100% secure and a joy to use every day, on desktop and mobile.

Work with allies like never before

Work with your allies to bring your online campaigns to scale, sponsor actions together, and share in list growth. See exactly how well your partners are performing to measure accountability. No other toolset makes organizing together online this easy.

Embed actions anywhere

Every action you create is expressed as a widget -- a bit of code you can copy and paste into any other website, like a YouTube video. Put your actions on your own website (with your own branding and design) or give out widgets to partners and have your action reach a larger audience through multiple channels easily.

Federated online organizing

Action Network groups allow your staff, volunteers, or affiliates to publish branded actions, and groups can be linked together into networks. Your local partners get to manage their local list but data flows up to the top of the network, allowing you to aggregate activists into a large list only you and fellow top-level administrators have access to. You can even syndicate emails and actions to groups in your network as part of a coordinated campaign!

Federated online organizing

We're A Progressive Partner, And Your Data Is Yours

We’re a progressive partner, not a competitor

Your data, anywhere

Anyone you organize through the Action Network is yours to keep, with full reports and exporting of data. Download your email list and take it with you to another tool, the choice is yours! Plus we believe in integration -- use us for digital organizing and other apps for other things. A full API, a SQL mirror of your data, a sync with Salesforce, and an integration with Accurate Append, ActBlue, ActionSprout, Attentive.ly, CallHub, Campaign Deputy, Catalist, DemCampaignSites, Mobile Commons, New/Mode, Smart As A Fox Mobile Messaging, ROI Solutions, VAN, and Zapier all help you move your data around.

We’re a progressive partner, not an adversary or competitor

We’re a progressive nonprofit and we want to be a movement partner. We're committed to only supporting progressives, and we’re not in the business of building an email list for ourselves, so we won't email the activists you sign up.

How do we keep the lights on?

As a nonprofit movement partner, we do things differently. We are driven by our aim to provide the best tools for the movement at the lowest cost. To keep innovating and building the best toolset that fits the needs of the progressive movement, we enter into development partnerships with some of the largest progressive organizations to cover the costs of developing new tools. This allows us to provide the tools to the entire movement at an affordable cost, with our partners contributing into the system based on their use of the system.

Need more features? Are you a larger group?

Want to upload a list? Need custom email wrappers or other advanced features? Want to use the Action Network with your larger group? Need more information? Want us to build custom features or technology? Have other questions? Contact us -- we’d love to work with you!

Action Network

Detailed Feature List


Keep in touch with every activist you sign up with your own built-in mass mailer. Great for your large list, but also free to individuals and small groups!

Email features:

  • Choose your own subject, from name, and reply-to email for each mailing you send
  • Easily add images, links, and styled text with our simple and accurate visual text editor
  • Address people by first name or use other personalization using built-in clips
  • Make your own snippets to insert buttons, layouts, or other code into your drafts with one click
  • One-click donate links to take users from your email to a donation thank you page instantly
  • Source codes are automatically added, so you know where your action takers came from
  • We tag links to recognize your activists, so they don't have to fill in their email again to take action
  • Easy, flexible targeting -- geography, action, donation, or email history, recent activity & more!
  • Quickly cut random lists for easy email testing
  • Built-in subject and from line line testing, for quick subject tests
  • Easily duplicate an email to set up the next test
  • Send previews to your inbox or your colleague's with one click
  • Send now or schedule emails to be sent in the future
  • Industry-leading deliverability by SendGrid, so your message won't go into spam boxes
  • Individual subscription management built in -- other people's unsubscribes won't affect your list
  • Full email stats -- opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and actions if you link to an Action Network page
  • For partners: List uploads and custom email wrappers (Contact us about a partnership)


Our petition tool is full featured and super easy to use, allowing you to create beautiful and functional petitions to any target in seconds.

Petition features:

  • Create gorgeous, mobile-ready, highly converting pages to host your petition
  • Easily add images, videos, or links and style text with our simple and accurate visual editor
  • Our one-to-one interface is super easy to use -- see what your page looks like before you publish
  • Invite multiple sponsors, allowing allies to share the data collected and grow your lists together
  • Save drafts and send private preview links to your allies before publishing
  • Target your petitions to anyone
  • Create petitions in various languages such as Spanish or French
  • Edit or unpublish your petition at any time
  • Automatically collect standard information from activists (name, email, and ZIP/postal code)
  • Anyone in the world can take action
  • Collect custom information easily with our drag-and-drop form builder
  • Add in custom HTML if you want to collect even more info
  • We recognize previous activists, so they won't have to fill out their information again to sign
  • Signature goals are autogenerated and automatically increase, showing momentum
  • After activists sign, they can quickly share on Facebook or Twitter or send links to their friends
  • Customize social media share language easily, all built in
  • Links are tagged with your code, so signers are added to your list and the petition creator's
  • Embed your petition on your own website with your own branding, or give an embed to allies
  • Deliver petitions physically or via email
  • Detailed stats on who signed, referring people and websites, and source codes
  • Automatically tag activists who sign petitions for easy email targeting later
  • Get notified when someone takes action
  • Redirect to another page after signing to daisy chain actions, and customize thank you emails
  • For partners: Brand actions with custom wrappers (Contact us about a partnership)


Charge credit cards and raise money online for yourself or bundle for others. Get up and running in minutes, no merchant account necessary. And just as easy to use as petitions.

Fundraising features:

  • Same features as petitions, with an easy interface, social sharing, statistics, embeds, and more
  • Create great looking, mobile-ready fundraising pages your donors will love to use
  • Get set up in minutes, no merchant account required, and withdraw daily into your bank account
  • Raise for yourself or your organization, or create a joint fundraising page with others
  • Collect one-time or recurring donations
  • We can take international credit cards, too!
  • If you're based in one of dozens of countries our payment processors work in, you can raise money
  • All the stats you need on how your fundraiser is doing, including full downloads of your data
  • We save credit card information to make repeat donations a breeze
  • One-click donations take donors from email directly to a thank you page, meaning more donations
  • Disputes, chargebacks, and receipts are all handled automatically
  • Low fees compared to other platforms -- just 3.9% + $0.30 -- so you keep more of your money
  • And your fundraising form is embeddable on any website

Letter Campaigns

For the first time ever, allow activists to write letters to their elected officials, from Congress down to the state level, for free! Custom targets too -- great for corporate campaigns.

Letter Campaign features:

  • Same features as petitions, with an easy interface, social sharing, statistics, embeds, and more
  • Choose from our built in target lists (Congress, Governors, State Legislatures) or add your own
  • Activists will automatically be matched to the correct targets based on their address
  • We'll make sure messages get through by filling out contact forms or emailing targets
  • Track how many letters were sent and download copies to take with you to advocacy meetings


As easy to use and full-featured as petitions, but with some extra niceties to help you plan and recruit for on-the-ground events.

Event features:

  • Same features as petitions, with an easy interface, social sharing, statistics, embeds, and more
  • Choose a date, time, and location and have your event displayed with a map (internationally, too!)
  • Give instructions to your attendees that they see after RSVPing
  • Private discussion board allows hosts and attendees to plan with each other for the event
  • Built in, customizable 24-hour reminders for hosts and attendees
  • Changed the location or time? Canceled the event? We'll automatically inform your attendees

Ticketed Events

Sell tickets to galas, concerts, fundraisers, and more with our easy-to-use ticketed event tool.

Ticketed Event features:

  • Same features as petitions, with an easy interface, social sharing, statistics, embeds, and more
  • Choose a date, time, and location and have your ticketed event displayed with a map
  • Choose ticket tiers, with different prices and amounts available, to give your buyers options
  • Activists can purchase tickets with a credit card, with receipts and tickets delivered instantly
  • Same great features as events: discussion boards, automatic reminders, and built-in notifications
  • Give away free tickets and track amount raised, ticket sold, and other key statistics


Just like petitions, but much more flexible. Collect stories, create surveys, and ask activists to answer detailed questions without writing one line of code!

Form features:

  • Same features as petitions, with an easy interface, social sharing, statistics, embeds, and more
  • Drag-and-drop form builder allows you to ask detailed questions without writing a line of code
  • Remove the goal counter from your form if you want
  • Put your own call to action above the form
  • Download all of your form answers in a spreadsheet for analysis with one click


Design sophisticated automated ladders of engagement for your activists to move through, sending them customized email based on actions they take. From something as simple as sending activists a series of welcome emails after they subscribe to complex campaign plans moving your activists from signing petitions to making phone calls to donating with a customized series of emails based on the actions they take, keeping your activists engaged has never been easier. Available for partners -- Contact us about a partnership.

Ladder features:

  • Create automated ladders of engagement from a simple welcome series up to a full campaign plan
  • Design your ladders easily, with our trademark intuitive interface
  • Trigger activists to enter ladders when they subscribe, take action, or interact with email
  • Move activists through different paths depending on their personal data with decisions and rungs
  • Have activist wait a day or a week or until a certain time before they continue with their ladder
  • Take action on activists such as sending them email, adding or removing tags, or subscribing them


Want to work together in a deeper way with others? Want your organization to have a branded presence on the Action Network? Invite your allies, staff, or volunteers to join a group. Groups are the main organizing unit on Action Network -- each organization should have one. Each group has its own separate email list, can sponsor any of our actions, and you and your team can collaborate together within the group to get things done. Groups also have access to two additional action types -- Campaign Pages and Event Campaigns -- if they become partners.

Group features:

  • Create a branded group page with your name, logo, location, and description
  • Get your own group email list, separate from any other, for you to manage with your team
  • Have your group sponsor any actions you make, adding activist who take action to your group's email list.
  • Add as many organizers and administrators as you like to build up your team
  • Use the private discussion board to plan actions
  • Administrators can have individual permissions, allowing different people different levels of access
  • For partners: Campaign Pages, Event Campaigns, and Networks (Contact us about a partnership)

Event Campaigns

This is the tool that powered the Women's March Sister Marches, the Keystone XL vigils, the Black Friday Walmart Strikes, and many more. Create a page with a map and pins representing events happening around the world. Activists can search for events near them, and you can ask anyone to host their own event and put it on your map. Give hosts instructions, keep in touch with attendees easily, invite activists on your email list to events near them with personalized event clips in email, and make your day of action an amazing success. And because hosts keep the data from the RSVPs they receive, think of how much bigger of an audience your next event campaign can reach by tapping into the power of the Action Network! Available for partners -- Contact us about a partnership.

Event Campaign features:

  • Set up a framework for hosts to join in on (ex: host a house party to watch a documentary)
  • Give a pitch and instructions to your hosts so they feel comfortable running events on their own
  • Give your hosts template language and instructions to entice activists to RSVP for their events
  • See all of your events on a map to show your strength (international events, too!)
  • Allow activists to find events near them via ZIP/postal code search (available via embed, too!)
  • Send email to hosts, attendees, or activists on a group's email list who live near events
  • Keep track of how your event campaign is doing -- number of events, number of RSVPs, etc...
  • Email individual hosts, remove offensive events, and manage every aspect of your campaign
  • Want events at each state capitol? Upload a spreadsheet and suggest locations to hosts
  • Got a spreadsheet of events? Upload them quickly instead of creating them one-by-one


You own your own data, and you can easily pull whatever you want and take it with you with reports!

Report features:

  • Choose your report universe with the same rich targeting options you get with email
  • Easily pick what data to pull on your activists (like email and ZIP/postal code) with pre-filled menus
  • Download your report results as a spreadsheet with one click and take your data with you
  • Set up recurring reports to get updated counts and data delivered to on a schedule.
  • For partners: List uploads and more (Contact us about a partnership)


Create complex logic and targeting with our fast, flexible query interface!

Query features:

  • Create queries for your email lists to save for later
  • Choose complex patterns and targeting logic using all of our available filters
  • Quickly add queries to mass emails or reports and combine them with other targeting


Find individual activists, view their complete record, add private notes, and edit or merge them with your own simple Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system built in!

Activists features:

  • Quickly find individuals by searching by name, email, address, or loading previously saved reports
  • View a full activist's record, including email, action, and donation history, tags, and custom fields
  • Leave private notes for yourself or fellow administrators on each activist's record
  • Edit each activist's information or merge them with others to keep yourself organized
  • Upload or manually add transactions such as checks activists have sent to track full-spectrum donations


A place to store all those files we as organizers want to link to every day -- signs to download, instruction sheets for our event attendees, images for emails, lists of chants and songs, anything you like!

Files features:

  • Upload your own files that others can download at the click of a button
  • Link directly to your files for download, or create folders with many files and link there instead
  • Easily manage your folders and files with intuitive an drag-and-drop interface
  • Track the number of downloads each file is getting, so you know what's popular
  • For partners: Access full address details (Contact us about a partnership)

Your Dashboard

All of the statistics and links you need, all in one place.

Dashboard features:

  • Access the groups you're a part of
  • See how your list is doing -- new growth over time, overall size, recently active, and unsubscribes
  • Quick access to your recent emails and actions, with full lists available as needed
  • Edit your profile and subscription options

Campaign Pages

Having a day of action with a petition, a few events, and a tell your story form? Create beautiful action centers to organize multiple different actions into one page. Available for partners -- Contact us about a partnership.

Campaign Page features:

  • Give campaigns a name, a description, and a big photo to spur activists to action
  • Add in any of your group's actions to the campaign page's featured sidebar, in any order you like


Networks let you to link together groups into complex hierarchies, allowing you to mimic the structure of a large federated organization online. Set groups as children of other groups and watch as data from children flows up to parents automatically. Each group has separate administrators and unsubscribe links, allowing staff, volunteers, and local organizers at any level to control the data they need and send data upwards towards the top of the organization. Perfect for large federated groups, unions, field campaigns -- anything with a hierarchical structure! Available for partners -- Contact us about a partnership.

Network features:

  • Link groups into complex hierarchies and watch data flow from the bottom to the top
  • Set administrators at different levels of your network so they can have the access they need
  • Permissions inherit downward, so administrators can jump into local groups and help out
  • Target activists who signed a child group's petition with a national message with network filters
  • Unsubscribes are separate -- don't worry about emails local groups are sending affecting your list


If you are part of a network, you can syndicate actions and emails to other groups in your network, giving them templates to work from. For example, instead of sending out a petition to your national list, you could syndicate a petition and a companion email to affiliates in your network. They could each publish the petition and send the email in their name, but all based on your template, with all statistics and tracking aggregating up to you. Syndication is a great way to work with groups in your network in a distributed way. Available for partners -- Contact us about a partnership.

Syndication features:

  • Set up syndication packages consisting of actions and/or emails to send to groups as templates
  • Send packages to groups in your network, allowing them to edit, publish, and send at will
  • Statistics aggregate up, so you can see how well your campaign is doing

Integrations, APIs, and the SQL Mirror

We believe in doing one thing and doing it well, rather than trying to be all things to all people. Use Action Network for digital organizing, and then integrate with other apps to provide other functionality. We offer a SQL mirror and an API to help you build integrations, embeds for all of our actions to easily integrate with your website, plus built-in connections with Salesforce, Accurate Append, ActBlue, VAN, Catalist, Attentive.ly, Mobile Commons, New/Mode, ActionSprout, CallHub, Campaign Deputy, DemCampaignSites, ROI Solutions, Smart As A Fox Mobile Messaging, and Zapier. Available for partners -- Contact us about a partnership.

Integration features:

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