Call your Minnesota Legislators to support the Minnesota Kids Code

The Minnesota Kids Code is a chance for Minnesota to pass this landmark legislation to protect kids online and ensure Big Tech designs their products with their youngest users in mind. We need protections for Minnesota kids now.

The legislation would protect kids online by:

  • Requiring online products and services likely accessed by kids to be designed for their protection and privacy.

  • Ensuring all settings are the most private by default for children.

  • Providing easily accessible reporting tools for privacy and inappropriate behavior concerns.

  • Prohibiting covered tech platforms from collecting and retaining any personal information for children that is not necessary to the service being provided.

Please call your Minnesota state legislators to urge them to support the Minnesota Kids Code.

Here are some talking points to mention on your call:

  • The Minnesota Kids Code is a chance for Minnesota to lead the nation to make the digital world safe for children.

  • The legislation has already been in effect in the UK and Ireland and signed into law in California. Minnesota now has the opportunity this session to pass this legislation and lead the nation in protecting kids online.

  • Children across the globe are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis. The Surgeon General has issued a rare health advisory on the risks. 46% of teenagers say they lose sleep daily due to feeling "stuck" on social media platforms. And 50% of parents of children feel their children's mental health has suffered over the last year due to social media.

  • In this environment we need a law that focuses on data privacy and online safety.

  • It's time to put the safety and privacy of children at the forefront of the design of digital platforms.

  • As your constituent, I urge you to support the Minnesota Kids Code. Can I count on you to support this vital bipartisan legislation to protect kids online?

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