Tell Senator Schumer that the omnibus bill should not be used to exploit farmworkers

*If this tool is unable to connect you, please call Senator Schumer at: (202) 224-3121 or at one of his other office numbers listed here.

URGENT: We can't let the Farm Workforce Modernization Act sneak through in the final days of the year! Tell Senator Schumer today that you OPPOSE this bill (on its own or attached to the omnibus) because it ties immigration status to labor exploitation.

On Dec. 15, Senator Michael Bennet introduced a bill based on the Farm Workforce Modernization Act (FWMA) called the Affordable and Secure Food Act.

A new name doesn’t fix this deeply flawed bill. Our members represent more than 16,000 farmworkers in the United States, and together we have steadfastly opposed this bill since it was first introduced in 2019. Why?

  • FWMA would expand the exploitative H-2A migrant worker visa program into new industries and year-round work.

  • FWMA would require up to 8 years of working in the dangerous and low-wage farm industry before eligibility for permanent status .

  • FWMA would make E-verify mandatory for the entire agricultural industry. This will worsen the criminalization of immigrants in farmworker communities and expose undocumented farmworkers to more immigration enforcement.

We can't let this bill—or any of these dangerous measures—sneak through in the final days of the year! Make a call to Senator Schumer and urge him to OPPOSE this bill, and NOT add it to the omnibus.