2017 Elections: Ways to Get Involved

"Don't boo...vote."

The 2016 elections were a wake-up call for many of us.  From this election onward, we must turn-out voters like never before.

Here are 5 ways you can help get out the vote this year:

1. Vote!  -  Most importantly, of course, is that you need to VOTE!  To do that, you need to confirm that there are no problems with your voter registration and that you know where your polling place is.  You can find that here.

2. Outreach  -  Reach out to all the Dems, Independents and frustrated Republicans you know and make sure they vote.  Talk to your neighbors, family, friends. Here are some ways you can make it easier for folks you know to vote:

  • Help and support. Offer to babysit for a friend or family member so they can work the polls.  Take shifts!
  • Celebrate - Make plans with friends to meet at a local restaurant or bar to celebrate our democracy! Maybe you can even talk the owner into have a special drink price for everyone with an “I Voted” Sticker.
  • Give Rides  -  Check in with your neighbors or people in your local community to see if they need rides to the polls.  Check out these websites: http://carpoolvote.com/ and https://myridetovote.org/
  • Social Media -  Create a Facebook event called "Election Day" and invite friends to it - it will send out an automatic reminder to go out and vote on November 7th.
  • Work the polls - Volunteer to work the polls or be a greeter at your polling place. You can find the information about your county: HERE

3. Phone Bank  -  Before and on Election Day, you can help by doing the Virtual Phone Bank for Slate of Eight Judicial Races.

4. Be Informed - Not everyone is following the election as keenly as you are! In addition to letting folks know that an election is happening, you can also help folks understand what's at stake.

  • Judicial races: Courts always matter, but in a state with a Republican House and Senate, they matter even more. Here is a guide to navigating the PA Court System. (Thank you Lower Merion Indivisible for this research).  Another guide from Philly UP can be found here.
  • Property tax ballot question: This year, there will be a ballot question about the elimination of property taxes in Pennsylvania. This question is the final step in an effort to change the PA constitution, the wording of the question is intentionally complicated and misleading; don’t be blindsided on election day.  Click here for an explanation and ways you can get the word out to your groups.