2019 Virginia Campaign

In 2019 the entire Virginia General Assembly is up for re-election and the incidents of voter suppression are already starting. We need to take control of the Virginia General Assembly to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, implement no excuse absentee voting and ensure our new district maps after the census are fair.

Progressive voices are not strong enough alone to achieve the change that we want. To create progressive change we need volunteers to help us reach out to community of color voters who will help us Reclaim Our Vote.  We need volunteers to do the following:

  • Drive voters to the polls
  • Phonebank using our manual system
  • Phonebank using our new automated dialer
  • Canvass for voters throughout the Commonwealth
  • Donate if you don't have time or energy for other activities

If you need more inspiration about why southern elections are important, schedule a watch party for Robert Greenwald's new film, Suppressed - The Fight to Vote. While Virginia's voter suppression isn't quite as bad as what happened in Georgia, Virginia is still the South.

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