Waveney Valley Campaign Diary

There has never been a better time to get a Green MP from East Anglia!

The stunning election results in the 2023 local elections mean that in the Waveney Valley constituency we now have 12 Green councillors, one more than our main rivals, the Conservatives. We also have a higher vote share than them (43% compared to 34% for the Conservatives), so with your help, 2024 could be the year we get more Green MPs elected to Parliament.

With the climate and ecological emergency unfolding with alarming speed and both Labour and the Conservatives in disarray, we urgently need Green leadership in Parliament. Join the campaign to see Adrian Ramsay elected as our next Green MP.

Our action days are a lot of fun. We'll be knocking on doors, delivering newsletters, and speaking to residents across the beautiful Waveney Valley constituency. We'll provide you with a wonderful free food and refreshments, and there will be lots of time to socialise and meet other Greens from across the country.

Whatever your contribution, you’ll get full support and training from the team that wrote history in Mid Suffolk in 2023.

So come to Waveney Valley, bring your friends, develop your campaigning skills, and help elect the next Green MP!


If you're thinking about running an election campaign in your own local party, why not being them with you, and learn together what it takes to win!

If you bring a team from your local party, we can provide you with tailored advice from our Campaign Organisers, to help you with your own election campaigns.

Our regional teams have great experience of winning elections. We are now the largest party on four councils in East Anglia, and our Campaign staff have helped run nearly hundreds of election campaigns between them in every kind of area.

Join us to get that winning feeling - and learn how to win at home too!

Promoted by Nick Hardingham on behalf of Adrian Ramsay, both at Carr Cottage, St Mary's Garden, Creeting St. Mary, Suffolk IP6 2LY.

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