Billionaire team owners can afford to pay!

The workers at your home team’s stadiums and arenas need you to take action now. Tell your team that concessions workers deserve to be paid for missed games during COVID-19.

American League

National League

Is your team not listed here? Fans and non-fans alike are still encouraged to send a message and alert these teams that they must take urgent action now. We are all united in this moment of crisis

Thousands of MLB stadium concessions workers are without work and without pay this week with the baseball season delayed. Many of these UNITE HERE members have been serving fans for years.

There have been news reports that the league will make $1 million per team available to pay stadium workers, but that money has not been committed to pay thousands of subcontracted workers who pour beer, prepare food, and sell merchandise.

There are thousands more working for subcontractors who stand to get nothing unless the MLB and each team takes action.

The cost of paying out-of-work concessions workers pales in comparison to the $39.5 million average profit teams made in 2019, and the average value of an MLB franchise which was up to $1.78 billion last year.

UNITE HERE applauds the league’s decision to delay the season for the public’s health but are very concerned that thousands of loyal stadium workers will be left without work and facing poverty. The Billionaire owners can afford to pay.