Communications Committee

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Do you love socialism and posting?

Do you have skills in email-writing, newsletter-laying-out, social media, and other officey stuff from your corporate job that you'd like to use to smash capitalism instead?

Are you good at graphic design?

Do you like defining policies and documenting protocols?

For all this and more, Comms needs you!

The central Communications Committee of Boston DSA ensures that our members and the public at large are aware of and actively brought into our work. To this end, we are responsible for establishing standards and systems for effective external messaging, and maintaining platforms for internal collaboration.

If you want to get involved, in addition to attending these events, you can get set up with the platforms we use:

This is an administrative committee. Admin is the necessary stuff that keeps the chapter running smoothly, and we always need more help with it! We hope you will join and help strengthen the work of our chapter by improving our organization and messaging!

If you're interested in contributing to our comms work, you're in the right place. This is the campaign page for all Comms events:

  • Trainings for all DSA members about how to do comms
  • Work time to contribute to administrative tasks
  • Regular committee meetings

This does not include every ad-hoc meeting or all subcommittee work time!

This Committee, and the meetings we hold, are open to all members in good standing, only to DSA members. If you are not a member but are Comms-Committee-curious, you are still welcome to tune in for some calls, so please contact us and someone from the Comms Committee will be happy to chat.

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