End Corruption in Pennsylvania: Pass Gift Ban Legislation

Did you know that PA Assembly members can accept basically unlimited gifts from lobbyist and special interests?  This buying of our elected officials is preventing the passage of legislation that’s in line with our values.

HB 39, the legislation that would ban gifts to PA Assembly-people, has been held in the State Government Committee all year by Daryl Metcalfe, despite bi-partisan support and over-whelming support from Pennsylvania tax payers. The committee will be meeting on Tuesday, 11/21. We must ask them to move HB 39 through committee to the floor in that meeting.

Here’s how you can get involved:  

Call Daryl Metcalfe, Chair of the House State Government Committee, (724) 772-3110, and ask him to bring HB 39, the Gift Ban bill, to the floor asap.  

Call House Majority Leader Dave Reed and tell him you support the passage of Gift Ban legislation, and you don’t understand why they are allowing a bill with bi-partisan support to be blocked in committee by Representative Metcalfe.

Post to Facebook, especially to Metcalfe’s page, stating support for a gift ban.   Ask him why he’s blocking a bill that would help prevent corruption in the Pennsylvania Assembly?  Tell him you support HB 39.  

Tweet:  with this graphic

  • .@RepMetcalfe   #CallAVote on #HB39.  It's time to end corruption in PA and return our democracy to the people.  

    • .@RepDaveReed  please help #CallAVote on #HB39.  The people want assurance that their legislators represent them and not special interests.

  • .@PAHouseGOP  it's time to #CallAVote on #HB39.  The people want to @EndPACorruption, and that starts with you doing your job.

  • .@PAHouseGOP @RepMetcalfe Time to @EndPACorruption. #CallAVote on #HB39. Ban lobbyist gifts to PA legislators

Go Visit your Legislator to discuss this issue and ask them to join you in the effort.

Connect with March on Harrisburg: They have taken up the fight on this issue and need our support.