Fairfax to Zero


Fairfax to Zero is an ambitious effort to promote local policies that will reduce greenhouse gases by 2% every year, reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.  

Fairfax County will take bold, urgent and sustained actions to become a leader in local solutions to climate change. Specifically, Fairfax to Zero advocates to:

  • Craft a comprehensive county-wide Climate Action Plan to implement the county’s new 10 year Environmental Vision, including annual and capital budget allocations and performance metrics
  • Publicly account for progress meeting the Supervisors’ commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions county- and region-wide 2% annually.
  • Fully implement public energy dashboards that show the energy use of each public building, and to encourage private businesses to publicly post their buildings’ energy use.
  • Install solar panels on county schools and government buildings, and promote installation of alternative energy in homes and businesses.
  • Form a public-private sustainability coalition to bring together government, faith communities, labor, business, health care and educational organizations to drive a low carbon/no carbon future for the county.