Get Involved in the GDC!

The source of DSA’s power is our membership. The Growth & Development Committee is committed to recruiting and retaining members while training leaders and organizers.

Apply for the GDC! Members of the GDC:

  • Facilitate trainings for chapters
  • Mentor chapter leaders
  • Run new member orientations
  • Call and text lapsed and expired members (and sign up for phone banks in September!)

Request a training for your chapter. We run trainings such as:

  • Coalition building
  • Structured organizing conversations
  • Grassroots fundraising
  • Strategic campaigns

Check out the Leadership Intensive, a two-day training for newly elected chapter leaders, from September 23-24.

So many of us get stuck as chapter leaders and could use the help of a coach. You can request a mentor, and we'll match you within four weeks.