Heathcare, Raises, and a Union

Akron DSA has launched a priority campaign called Healthcare, Wages, and a Union! Using ballot initiatives, we are working to protect the right to have an abortion in Ohio and to raise the floor for Ohio workers by making sure everyone can be guaranteed one fair minimum wage. We have the opportunity to make a material difference for millions of Ohioans by supporting these issues. While we do so, we'll also be spreading the word about how class struggle unionism can expand the rights of working people further.

Right now, the priority is getting out the vote for the November 7th election. We have two important issues on the ballot this November that we need to VOTE YES ON. Issue 1 will enshrine the right to have an abortion in Ohio's Constitution. Issue 2 will introduce legislation to legalize cannabis in Ohio. Join us in the fight to win these rights for the workers of Ohio!

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