Indivisible KC in Action: Kansas Week of September 18


Hello, fellow Kansans!

Did you catch Betsy DeVos' visit this week? When the Secretary of Education came to visit the KC metro area, we greeted her at the Johnson County Community College on Thursday and at KC Academy on Friday. We rolled out the red carpet, telling her that we embrace education for all, inclusivity in schools, and strengthening the public school system, and that we'll oppose her and any other officials who want to privatize and minimize.

And our very own Secretary of State Kris Kobach took some heat in New Hampshire this week, in the second meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.  Kobach recently claimed, without evidence, that voter fraud changed the outcome of New Hampshire's Senate race in November. Members of the commission rejected the claim, and pointed out the lack of evidence.

Don't look away -

Here's what's planned for the upcoming week:

All Week

Call your Senators to Oppose the Cassidy-Graham Bill. This is important. McConnell plans to have a private party meeting while the Senate is in session for the first three days of this coming week. This bill is just as bad as the BCRA they almost passed when they tried the repeal the ACA back in July.

Tonganoxie had a great turnout for the first citizen planning meeting against Tyson Chicken. Stay engaged and find out how you can help by getting involved with Citizens Against Project Sunset.

Thursday, September 21st

On Thursday, we'll visit the offices of Senator Roberts and Senator Moran to demand that they not support the Cassidy-Graham Bill, one last ditch effort in the Senate to roll back the Affordable Care Act. It cuts Medicaid funding, which adversely affects special education programs and rural hospitals, potentially ends protections for some pre-existing conditions, and raises premiums by 20% for older customers.

Are you ready to take action? Activism is more fun with a friend! We're on Twitter and Facebook, and you can forward this email to get more people involved.

Keep calling, keep showing up. We'll see you out there.

In solidarity,
Indivisible KC

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