Indivisible KC Week in Action: Kansas, November 13th


Hello, fellow Kansans!

IKC CommunityWe had a great time last week seeing and hearing from everyone who was able to attend the Indivisible KC Community Meeting. Whether you're an experienced activist,  have trained up fast in the last year, or are just getting started, it's great to hear from the folks who are in this fight together.  We talked about what got us into activism in the first place, and what kind of future we're trying to build. If you weren't able to attend, or you just want to relive the memories, check out our blog about the event!

Last Tuesday, local elections gave us a chance to use our voices at the ballot booth. While turnout remained low (around 17% in Johnson County), the election brings change, particularly on the Shawnee Mission School Board, and to our airport. Here are the unofficial final results from Wyandotte County, Johnson County, Miami County, and Douglas County.

And on Wednesday, the Senate released their version of a tax overhaul bill, which focuses our work for the week. While it differs from the House version in several ways, it remains a giveaway for corporations at the expense of ordinary families, while exploding the deficit.

Here's what we've got going on this week

Wednesday, November 15th:

Join us as we gather downtown to share our stories about the value of birth control with each other and with this Administration to say "Hands Off My Birth Control!" Stories are powerful. They bring people together. They empower the sharer. They change minds. Please share yours.

Thursday, November 16th:

We'll visit the offices of Senator Moran and Senator Roberts to tell them we oppose the Senate tax plan. We need a tax plan that priorities working and middle class families, students and the elderly, homeowners and people with medical expenses. We don't need a giveaway package to CEOs masquerading as an economic growth plan.

All Week:

Keep up the pressure and call your elected officials to oppose this tax plan. We've seen similar cuts in Kansas, and we know how this story ends. Call your Members of Congress today and demand that they pass a plan that protects ordinary American families.

Want to volunteer with Indivisible KC? We're always looking for willing and skilled hands! Are you in?

You want more? Here are Indivisible National's top priorities this week:

Keep calling, keep writing, keep showing up. Resistance matters - every time, every voice.

Stand Indivisible,
The Indivisible KC Team

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