Indivisible KC Week in Action: Missouri, April 9


Dear Indivisibles,

We hope you had a restorative Spring Break. We're back and ready to start some exciting new initiatives! We are going to be working hard to Get Out The Vote in 2018 and encourage our fellow constituents to level up their civic engagement. We're starting now with IKC Action Nights (and afternoons): At our First Action Night we wrote postcards to new Missouri voters!Informal meetups where we'll chat about policy and do hands-on civic engagement activities! This month we're partnering with Indivisible St Louis to send handwritten postcards to new Missouri residents with information on MO voter registration and voter ID. At our first Action Night we wrote nearly 500 postcards! Our next Action Night will be April 16th in Brookside. See our events list below (or click on the photo) to RSVP! We are planning an Action Afternoon the week of April 23rd for folks who prefer daylight hours, and an Action Night at Bier Station on May 1st, so stay tuned!

In Missouri news, HB 1936, the "Guns Everywhere" bill, passed out of its final committee and is now heading to a full House vote. Please contact your Rep and make sure they plan to vote NO.

Local KC Rep Greg Razer hosted the first Pride Day in Jefferson City. Rep Razer is the sponsor of the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA), HB 846, which would protect LGBT folks from discrimination.Nevertheless She Persisted This is the 20th year MONA has been introduced and we hope this will be the year it passes! No Missourian should face job loss or denial of housing due to their LGBT status! Click here to join our letter campaign in support of MONA.

In the legislature, Republicans are close to passing yet another tax cut in the face of revenue shortfalls that have already caused drastic cuts to education, elder care and services for the disabled. A photo (right) of Rep Crystal Quade (D-Springfield) went viral after she stood for 3 1/2 hours with her hand raised, attempting to offer an amendment to protect vulnerable populations. Read more in our MO news roundup.

Upcoming Events

Take action with others! Build energy and connection among like-purposed people.

Speak Out!  ENOUGH! Americans are fed up with out-of-control gun violence. That's our message during this month's Indivisible KC visit to Sen. Blunt's office at 1000 Walnut Street on Thursday, April 12, from noon to 1pm. We'll be advocating for sensible gun laws in support of the student-led walkouts happening April 20 across the city.

March & Rally for Peace: Take action on the 50-year anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by joining the March & Rally for Peace, rescheduled for Friday, April 13. The march begins 5:30pm from Victorious Life Church, 34th and Paseo, continues to 27th and Prospect. The rally starts at 7pm at the Morning Star Baptist Church, 2411 E 27th Street. Hear from Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver II and other local civil rights leaders.

Train for nonviolent resistance: Join the new Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival and learn how to use non-violent civil disobedience to advance the campaign’s demands to end, what Dr. King called, “the triple evils” of racism, economic exploitation, and militarism. Gain deeper insight into making non-violent social change this Saturday, April 14, from noon to 2pm, at the Westport Presbyterian Church, 201 Westport Road. RSVP now. Seats are limited.

Socialize and mobilize! Join us for another Indivisible KC Action Night. We'll have an informal gathering Monday, April 16 at 6:30 pm in the "Blue Goose" building in Brookside to write postcards to potential voters, talk politics and meet other local folks. If you are able, please bring at least 20 postcard stamps and/or a snack to share.

In solidarity -

Indivisible KC

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