Indivisible KC Week in Action: Missouri, August 20


It's women's equality week! This week women across Kansas City will get together to celebrate winning the power to vote, examine our intersectional history, and build strength toward political power. There are so many great events to choose from! We're going to start the week, however, by heading to one of our favorite progressive hangouts in KCMO (Bier Station) to meet a woman trying to make history in KS-03: Sharice Davids, who's running to replace Kevin Yoder as the congressperson representing our friends across the state line (this is a fundraiser but donations are not required).

Thank you to everyone who came to the America Needs Unions rally on Thursday. We heard some very inspiring speeches and were encouraged to hear so many electeds and candidates stand with workers. We were especially excited to hear from State Auditor Nicole Galloway, who has been doing essential work in our state government to keep officials honest and hold them accountable when they transgress, as well as Missouri State Senate candidate Hillary Shields, who her political life as a founding member of Indivisible KC in 2016.  The heart she showed as a newbie grassroots organizer is still apparent as she continues to be a passionate advocate for workers. Hillary is running to replace Mike Cierpiot, who voted in favor of "Right to Work for Less," making it necessary for workers across the state to rise up.

As Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II pointed out, something special is happening in Missouri: "We’ve just done something that is causing people to tremble across the country! We didn’t just slap “Right to Work,” we kicked it! That’s what happens when we unite and get together. The unity of working people is what did that, and we need to keep that unity going moving forward to say that America Needs Unions!

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National News

  • The US House of Representatives and the White House are attempting to reduce financial protections for military members. The military Lending Act is a longstanding law meant to stand between predatory lenders and young people too exhausted from boot camp to read the fine print on a loan. Combined with the administration's ongoing efforts to dismantle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Devos' college policies it seems like one of the primary goals of the current administration is to get as many young people as possible so crippled by debt that they can't participate in any other part of the economy.
  • Secretary Ryan Zinke thinks environmentalists cause forest fires. Experts in forest management agree that climate change is likely at least partially responsible, and the only person yet arrested for arson in connection with the most recent fires has a history of posting right wing conspiracy theories, but Zinke will not be deterred by experts or evidence.
  • The years-long conflict in Yemen continues to rage. Saudi Arabia used bombs that we sold them to blow up a school bus, killing dozens of children, possibly after a US aircraft refueled the Saudi bomber mid-flight. Congress has passed largely toothless oversight recommendations and the US military continues to pass intelligence to the Saudis.
  • Omarosa Manigault Newman revealed a large collection of taped conversations with members of the Trump administration/Trump family. Trump claims that he kept an incompetent employee around entirely because she complimented him. While the full details of why she stayed in the administration for so long or why she was allowed into the white house at all are still emerging, she has released a tape of Trump's daughter-in-law Lara Trump attempting to use campaign money to pay Omarosa to stay quiet, a possible campaign finance violation..

Missouri News

  • The League of Women Voters endorsed Clean Missouri
  • Missouri Dems changed their platform to be specific about pro-choice


Be SMART: Learn about the Moms Demand Action Be SMART program, a gun safety presentation program for adults about how to protect kids from preventable gun tragedies, at the monthly meeting this Thursday, Aug. 30, from 9:30am - 10:30am in Paradise Park in Lee's Summit. Please join us and bring a friend! Don't forget to RSVP here. Fired Up! Mark your calendar for Saturday, Sept. 15, from 5pm - 7:30pm and bring the family out to English Landing Park for the 'Fired Up' Meet the Candidates Family BBQ Dinner hosted by Progress in the Northland. Have a little fun in the bounce house, enjoy some burgers, and listen to how our Northland candidates plan to lead in Jefferson City.  

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