Indivisible KC Week in Action: Missouri, July 16


Dearest Indivisibles,

Our country is not OK. Some of our members of Congress continue to choose party over country as our President puts the world in danger. But we will not be complicit. We will not ignore their silence and inaction when it seems like everything we know and love about our country is at risk. We will speak out. We will work to elect and re-elect local and national candidates who will work to stop this attack on our country. We will volunteer. We will vote. We will always vote.

Because we care.

We invite you to join like-minded Kansas Citians for an afternoon picnic to show you care. While our president hosts a $10,000+ luncheon and photo op in our city to fundraise for a Missouri Republican Senate candidate, we’ll enjoy our packed lunches, sit on our picnic blankets and camp chairs and represent real-life Americans at The People’s Picnic. We will commiserate a little together, and then we’ll get to work. Come listen to local leaders, find an organization to support, meet a local candidate you can volunteer for or register to vote. We can all make a difference. We can all care.

In the News  

Keep up with the most impactful stories and be ready to take action on developing stories.

National News

  • At the end of the first week in July the US stunned health officials by taking a hardline stance in the United Nations against a pro-breastfeeding measure, even threatening sanctions against multiple countries who offered to sponsor it until finally Russia introduced the measure without a peep from the US.
  • Trump pardoned Dwight and Steven Hammond, two ranchers convicted of committing arson on federal land in an attempt to cover up other crimes they'd committed on federal land. Their conviction inspired the 2016 criminal occupation of Malheur Wildlife Refuge, which caused millions of dollars in additional damage and desecrated Native American artifacts. Meanwhile,
  • On the immigration front, the US has been failing to reunite families as quickly as promised and is looking for loopholes on how to separate more children from their parents. With reports that many officials consider foster care to be just as good as reunification, many are drawing uncomfortable historical parallels. Pregnant women in ICE custody are reportedly abused to the point of miscarriage.
  • Trump teased leaving NATO for failing to already meet spending targets that are set for 2024. Though Trump makes it sound like the money is owed to the United States as a whole, any increases would either go directly into the pocket of defense contractors or, equally likely, European countries could reach these targets by simply raising the pay rate on their current military members.
  • On Thursday congress heard the testimony of Peter Strzok, the FBI agent accused of being biased against the target of an investigation he was involved with, Donald Trump, but notably not accused of leaking any information or otherwise acting in any concrete manner against Trump. Little of import was learned.

Missouri News

  • A line item veto made by Governor Parsons in the Missouri budget threatens essential trauma care in rural hospitals.
  • Parsons also signed the partial repeal of prevailing wage, meaning less income for many state workers.
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Calls to Action  

Take action on your own schedule! Use your phone and computer to make your voice heard.

#WhatsAtStake Our friends at Indivisible East Bay have put together a resistance toolkit for opposing Kavanaugh. Call or visit both Missouri Senators every day. We have so much to lose.

Oppose the Title X Gag Rule: The Trump administration has released a policy called the “gag rule,” which will strip critical Title X funds away from health care providers who offer information about the full range of reproductive health care options, including abortion. Title X is the only federal program exclusively dedicated to providing low-income and young patients with access to essential family planning and preventive health services. Under this “gag rule,” more than 40% of Title X patients are at risk of losing access this critical care. Read a blog post from a local physician on our website and submit a comment opposing the gag rule here.

Upcoming Events

Take action with others! Build energy and connection among like-purposed people. Check our social media frequently for more up-to-date event information.

This Week

Volunteer to Fight Gun Violence: Attention those of you in and around Lee's Summit! Don't miss the opportunity to meet with supporters of Moms Demand Action for a family-friendly meeting on July 19 from 9:30am - 10:30am at Lowenstein Park, 1901 NW Lowenstein Drive, in Lee's Summit. We’ll have treats, kids activities, a visit by the Lee's Summit Police Department and our monthly meeting. Please RSVP. Looking forward to seeing you this Thursday for a fun and productive morning.

Next Week

Meet and Connect: And for those of you in the Northland, join Moms Demand Action Sunday, July 22, from 2pm - 4pm, at Fairview Christian Church, 1800 NE 65th Street. The July monthly meeting is a family-oriented, social event. Kid-friendly activities will be available and Kona Ice will be on-site. After a short meeting, you'll have an opportunity to engage with our volunteers, supporters and team leads in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to learn more about our efforts to end gun violence. Our meeting is open to the public, so please be sure to spread the word! Please RSVP.

Get Out the Vote: Be part of our handwritten postcard campaign to remind newly-registered voters to get out and vote August 7th and November 6th! We'll be in Room A at the Trails West Branch of the KC Public Libarary, 11401 E 23rd St. in Independence on Monday, July 23 from 10am - noon. It's hosted by the . Feel free to bring the kiddos. There will be toys, coloring books, etc., to keep them (sort of) occupied while we write.

Let America Vote: And later that day, come hear the 39th Secretary of State of Missouri, Member of the Missouri House from 2009-2013, former intelligence officer in the Missouri National Guard, and now current KC mayoral candidate Jason Kander talk about the political fight to preserve our rights to vote, and the important initiative to get young voters registered and engaged. The event is next Monday, July 23, from 5:15pm - 7pm at Californos, 4124 Pennyslvania, and is sponsored by Heartland Alliance for Progress. Drop in early for drinks and a bite to eat.

Come Rally and Resist: Are you a musician, poet, activist or anyone concerned about social justice, racial equality and love for one another? Then join us for an outdoor rally on Saturday, July 28, from 4pm - 7pm at Unity Southeast, 3421 East Meyer Blvd. Hosted by a coalition of organizations. Make signs, be rested, bring water. And bring a friend!

We won't back down.

Shoulder to shoulder,

Indivisible KC

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