Indivisible KC Week in Action: Missouri, July 30


Dear Indivisibles,

What a great showing we had on Tuesday! Thank you to everyone who came out to say that Kansas Cityrejects 45 and the bigotry, cruelty, inequality and authoritarianism advanced by his administration. We estimate about 500 people were there at the peak in the afternoon (though many more people participated in protests organized by all kinds of groups throughout the day), and over a dozen people registered to vote! To see lots of photos and media coverage, check out the Event Story on our website.

In the News  

Keep up with the most impactful stories and be ready to take action on developing stories.

National News

  • The Trump administration is attempting to make numerous small changes to erode the endangered species act including protections for wolves, migratory birds, and every other wild animal in the United States. We are currently in the midst of a mass extinction, and the only question now is whether we'll try to slow the loss that's already happened or speed along until well after eagles and salmon are gone forever. Visit the NRDC website for calls to action to protect the environment.

Missouri News

  • Rep. Sam Graves still has not held a public event since 2016 and has been studiously avoiding tough questions from the public. In an office visit last week, constituents asked two such questions. First, they asked whether Rep. Graves was personally moved by the photos of children in cages. His staffer replied, “we haven’t talked about it.” Then, when asked whether he supported the tariffs that are seriously hurting Missouri wheat, corn, and soybean farmers, the staffer said that, “Rep. Graves believes Trump is playing the long game.” Indeed, Graves’s support of Trump’s destructive policies continues to be unwavering. Think we should have a chance to see our representative face to face? Add your signature to this open letter to Rep. Graves. We will submit this letter to several area newspapers and publish it to our website.
  • Russian government agents appear to have attempted to hack Senator Claire McCaskill.So far the efforts seem to have failed, but we can't assume that a hostile foreign government is going to just give up and go home. Get involved in the campaign of your favorite candidate to help ensure that the voice of the people, not a foreign government, that prevails on November 6.
  • Last week, Missouri megadonor David Humphreys donated $1 million to the GOP state House campaign committee as he accused Democrats of unfairly characterizing him as the man behind the legislature's curtain. Hmm. Read more in our Missouri News Roundup, and prepare yourself to campaign hard to pass Clean Missouri in November.

Calls to Action  

Take action on your own schedule! Use your phone and computer to make your voice heard.

Submit a comment opposing the Title X Gag Rule - Comment period ends tomorrow!

Can you imagine visiting a doctor who, unbeknownst to you, was forced to withhold information about your best medical options? It’s unfathomable and dangerous. But that’s exactly how the Trump administration wants to treat patients under the nation’s family planning program, Title X.

They have proposed a rule that would prohibit Title X family planning providers, such as Planned Parenthood, from making abortion referrals even when requested by a patient. Medical professionals would essentially be banned from giving full and accurate information to their patients.

Every year, millions of people with low incomes rely on Title X for basic, preventive reproductive health care, including birth control, cancer screenings, and STI testing and treatment. If the clinics that currently provide this care are removed from Title X participation, these patients could lose access to this high-quality care and the ability to choose providers that meet their needs. The comment period ends tomorrow, July 31. Submit your comment opposing the gag rule today.

Upcoming Events

Take action with others! Build energy and connection among like-purposed people. Check our social media frequently for more up-to-date event information.

Every day through August 7th - Spread the word to Vote No Way on Prop A! UAW Local 249 will have daily door canvassing and phone banking for VOTE NO ON PROP A starting July 30th through August 7th, 10 am to 8 pm daily. Your help is needed at 8040 US 69, Pleasant Valley, MO. Questions? Call Shirley Mata at (816) 853-2610. If phone banking is more your style, join us at the Jobs With Justice office at 1101 E 87th St at 5:30 pm Tuesday, July 31st.

Wednesday: Speak out to Roy Blunt: We will continue to ask Senator Roy Blunt to use his power as a legislator to oppose moral and ethical atrocities committed by President Trump and his administration. His silence and his inaction is his complicity. Join us at Blunt's office downtown at 1000 Walnut St, Wednesday, August 1 11am-12pm. Wendy is back to lead this week!

Thursday: Are you outraged about family separationand the current administrations attacks on immigrants? Now is the time to do more! To get involved. To help build a movement. Advocates for Immigrant Rights and Reconciliation (AIRR) will meet Thursday, August 2 at 6:30 PM - 8 PM at SEIU Local 1: 4526 The Paseo, KCMO,to discuss how people can get involved and support immigrants in whatever capacity you can.

KC is a community of love, and we resolve to work in our hearts, with our words and actions, and with our votes to make KC a stronger, more interconnected, more loving community every day. Each of us has work to do. Sometimes it's uncomfortable, sometimes the work we have to do is on ourselves, but all of it is essential to achieving the dream of a More Perfect Union. Here in the heart of our nation, we are making the change we want to see.

We love you, Kansas City.

Shoulder to Shoulder,

Indivisible KC

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