Indivisible KC Week in Action: Missouri, June 4th


Dear fellow Indivisibles,

What a week for Missouri! The big news was that it all came tumbling down for now former Governor Greitens on Tuesday, May 29, when he announced his resignation. His 1.5-year tenure was scarred by political infighting, and five and a half months of felony legal charges and personal scandal. Missourians have endured much during his governorship and while his resignation can be viewed as a victory for those who believe every person, but particularly our elected officials, must be held accountable, the case – as they say – is not closed.

Missouri News

  • Greitens’ resignation hinged on the St. Louis Circuit Court attorney Kim Gardner dropping a potential felony computer tampering charge brought against Greitens for allegedly taking a donor list from his The Mission Continues charity and using it to fundraise for his governor campaign. In exchange for dropping the charges, the St. Louis prosecutor’s office, and anyone working for the office, are released from any civil liability for the computer tampering or the invasion of privacy case stemming from Greitens’ extramarital affair. So, he has never plead guilty to anything, yet.
  • Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker continues her investigation into allegations of abuse and blackmail connected with Greitens’ extra-marital affair.
  • Auditor Galloway asked for an investigation into the former governor and his staff’s use of the disappearing text messaging app Confide. The Governor's office disclosed that 19 staffers, far more than previously known, were using the message-destroying app in a possible violation of Missouri Sunshine laws.
  • The House Investigating Committee continues to insist Greitens release records from A New Missouri, a non-profit political organization believed to be the source of “dark money” used to support Greitens’ political agenda. As Missouri Sen. Rob Schaaf, R-St. Joseph, put it,  "It looks like Eric Greitens came to power protecting his secret donors and now he’s leaving power protecting his secret donors." What is it about the donor list that the Governor and his allies are so desperate to keep hidden? We expect this story to become much bigger as the truth comes to light.
  • Attorney General Josh Hawley is attempting to put Greitens' scandals behind him as he focuses on his race to unseat Senator Claire McCaskill. Greitens' mysteriously enduring popularity could be a liability for Hawley, who played an important role in the Governor's downfall. Personally we don't think it's guaranteed that Hawley will even win the Republican primary, as he may find his fringey ultraconservative challengers more of a roadblock than he or his GOP establishment backers anticipated.
  • New Missouri Governor Mike Parson was sworn in. Parson is the Pence, policy-wise, to Greitens' Trump.

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Upcoming Events

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Election Alert! Missouri Senate District 17 voters in Clay County will have the opportunity to choose a new state senator in just one week, on Tuesday June 5th! Progressive Lauren Arthur is running against conservative Kevin Corlew for the seat. The time is now to volunteer to phone bank (it's not that bad!) or knock on doors for your candidate! This election will be lose, and is expected to come down to turnout.

Talk #moleg: Northland Progress will provide an entertaining recap of everything that happened during the recent session – including how Northland legislators voted on key issues. Join the fun on June 5, 6:30pm - 8:30p, appropriately at Kansas City Improv Club, 7260 NW 87th St., and learn about NP's exciting plans for the coming months.

Join the Conversation: Rev. Rodney Williams, pastor of  Swope Parkway United Christian Church, will facilitate a discussion on the long-lasting effects of racism, and the work that is being done to undo systemic racism in all its forms. It's Sunday, June 10 at 6:30 PM - 8 PM hosted by The Open Table.

Stand for Union Rights and Fair Pay: The 1963 “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom,” where Dr. King gave the “I Have a Dream” speech, called for a $2/hour minimum wage. In today’s dollars, that’s $15.49/hour! Poverty is inextricably linked to our country’s long history of racial division and pitting poor and working black, brown, and white people against one another. If we’re divided by race we won’t have the power to win living wages and unions for all. That's why we're joining the diverse coalition of people who make up the Poor People's Campaign to march, rally, and take the streets of Jefferson City and in 30 states because we know, if Dr. King was here he WOULD BE HERE WITH US! Mobilize on Monday June 11th - 5:30 AM- at 4526 Paseo Blvd.

Oppose Extremists Ted Nugent and Kris Kobach: NRA Board Member Ted Nugent is coming to Kansas to raise money for Kris Kobach's campaign. Kris Kobach has proven himself catastrophic to everything he touches, from his incompetence at his current job where he has cost Kansas taxpayers by attempting to enact unconstitutional reforms, to voting rights, to his failures in his former job of losing immigration related court cases and enacting unconstitutional state legislation and local policies at the tax payer’s dime in Kansas, and other states near you. Join Indivisible KC and KS/MO DREAM Alliance at Lenexa Community Center on Saturday, June 23 at 2 PM - 4 PM to say #NeverKobach!

Remember to vote tomorrow if you live in Senate District 17! Remind your friends!

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