Indivisible KC Week in Action: Missouri, November 13th


Hello fellow Missourians,

Thank you to everyone who came to our Community Meeting, and to our visit to Representative Graves' office to oppose the Trump Tax experiment.

In national news, the House Tax Bill will go to the House floor for a vote this coming week. They are voting on a bill that passed the House Ways and Means Committee along party lines. On the Senate side, the Senate Finance Committee will begin work on their version of the Tax Bill on Monday. We need to light up the phones and tell our Members of Congress they need to oppose this tax hike on the middle class.

In Missouri news, we at Indivisible KC became victims of malicious attack ads and dirty politics in the final days of last week's special election in Missouri Senate District 8, where former IKC organizer Hillary Shields was a candidate. Ms Shields was a close contender in the race, and panicked opponents and dark money organizations launched a deceitful smear campaign against her and her association with IKC. As an all-volunteer, pure grassroots, self-funded organization, we were especially hurt by claims that IKC is "a fringe group of professional protesters propped up by special interests." (Personal note from the IKC organizer writing this right now: I'm a busy mom with a full time job. I do this because I believe it's important. The "extremist professional protester" thing is laughably offensive.)

Our number one priority in Missouri must be to reduce the influence of corruption and big money donors in our elections and on our legislators. The Clean Missouri initiative is the first and best step you can take toward that goal. You can help save democracy in our state by volunteering to collect signatures to get Clean Missouri on the ballot in 2018. This is not a partisan issue - prominent conservative state Senator Rob Schaaf recently endorsed Clean Missouri. Check out

In IndivisibleKC this week, we have consolidated our week of events into one nicely packaged menu for you! Take a look at each event we have for this week by clicking on the tiles to your right.

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