Indivisible KC Week of April 24th - Kansas Edition


Hello, fellow Kansans!

It's hard to believe that this week marks our final Resist Trump Tuesday of the first 100 days. Thanks to your non-stop calls, letters, office visits, and pressure, Trump and his administration are struggling to define their wins, and are trying to move the goalposts of what defines success. Pat yourselves on the back!

It's been a long 100 days, and while we may be moving into a new stage, we aren't going anywhere yet.  Take our Post 100-Days survey to weigh in on where you'd like to see Indivisible KC go from here.  We know you're in this for the long haul - our nation is worth it - and we'll be right here too.

Our final RTT visits to Senator Moran and Senator Roberts are focused on the need to get congressional approval for any military action, whether in Syria or around the world. Trump himself said in 2013 that a President must seek congressional approval, and we'd like to hold him to that.

Health care and the GOP attempts to shred coverage guarantees require constant vigilance, and we'll be talking with Congressman Yoder about the latest attempt to revive the AHCA, now worse than ever. He's said he won't support a bill that doesn't include protection for pre-existing conditions, and we intend to hold him to that as well.   Can't make an office visit? No problem - send a letter instead. We'll help deliver your letters and stories.

Speaking of reviving health care? Back in Topeka, there's still some glimmer of hope that Medicaid (KanCare) expansion could happen this session. Write to your legislators and put the heat on! They're still on recess until May 1 -- why not be the first to send them an invitation for coffee?

Finally, we have some very special events coming up the next two weekends:

* There is a whole week of activities leading up to the Climate March on April 29th, and Indivisible KC will be sponsoring a film screening on empowering citizens after the rally.

* Starting the week of May 1, Indivisible KC is proud to partner with United We Stand KC in "United We Stand: From Resistance to Opposition to Political Power.” From a march the evening of May 1 to a weekend conference May 5-6, there's something for all interests and passions. We hope you'll take a look!

We'll see you out there! Keep calling and keep sending your letters. You could call it resistance. We call it democracy.

~Indivisible KC

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