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Hello fellow Kansans,

This past week, Kansas held its first ever local primary elections in August.  The were previously held in April. As part of the agreement for moving the date, the Kansas Legislature added in the bill that Secretary of State Kris Kobach should publicize the new dates, but of course, he did not. This spurred an editorial stating he should spend more time serving the people of Kansas rather than promoting his career. Although the primary election had dismal turnout in Douglas County, Johnson County set a record for advance voting.

In national news, Trump reluctantly signed the Russian Sanctions bill that came to his desk. Of course, he had to, since it passed Congress with veto-proof margins. After the signing, the Russian Prime Minister called the current administration weak, and supposedly, Medvedev should know.

Other bad news for Trump. Special prosecutor Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in the Russian probe. This means sufficient evidence has been found that a crime was committed. This the second grand jury Mueller is heading up, the first he took over is one that was investigating Michael Flynn.

And, to top all this, this recent commentary in the Dallas Morning News, a professor from University of Dallas says Putin money is floating all inside GOP campaigns, including Ryan and McConnell’s. Wonder if this is why they stopped Obama from telling the American people about Russian collusion before the 2016 election.

Here are the actions we have going this week:

Wednesday, August 9
IndivisibleKC will premiere An Inconvenient Truth Sequel: Truth To Power Screening. Click HERE for details.

Earlier this year, the Save My Care bus traveled to over 50 cities and 15,000 miles to shine a light on the dangerous Republican healthcare plan. It’s back. Click HERE for details.

Thursday, August 10
We will gather at Representative Yoder’s Office to ask him to protect the Climate by properly funding the EPA in the House Budget. Click HERE for details.

Stand Indivisible,
The IndivisibleKC Team

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