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Hello Kansans,

What an exciting week we have had.

Kobach is still in the news. As the week progressed, more and more states came back saying they wouldn’t give him the full voter data he requested. At last count, 48 states are refusing to comply. Yesterday, the 538 blog chimed in. The articles says that a system is already in place for what this election commission is trying to do, but since it relies on scientific methods to obtain its results, we’re guessing it isn’t partisan enough for what Kobach wants to achieve.

Now, we find out a lawsuit has been filed against this election commission, because Kobach, a constitutional professor at one time with UMKC, could have violated six federal laws with his request. Thank goodness, because we learned yesterday that the commission plans to store the voter data it collects on White House computers. If this endeavor didn’t seem fishy before, it most certainly should now. On July 3, a privacy watchdog filed a suit in a US District court in Washington DC and a hearing was held Friday. But, more than all of this, one of the ultimate goals of this commission appears to already be happening. Self voter suppression. People are calling their election offices and asking to have their voter rolls removed. Remain registered. We empower ourselves with our vote.

We learned a nuclear facility in Kansas, Wolf Creek Generating Station, was hacked by a Russian-government backed entity in May. On Friday, Trump met privately with Putin at the G-20 gathering in Hamburg, Germany and asked him if he meddled in our elections. Putin’s answer was no, and Trump didn't press him further. Well, we know why.

Back to health care. We found out McConnell and Cruz will be carrying out a blitz to pressure reluctant GOP senators to vote for the BCRA. The next 14 days will be crucial to making sure this unconscionable bill doesn’t pass. And, one of the colleagues they’re probably hoping to turn is our own member of Congress, Senator Jerry Moran.

He held a town hall in Palco, KS and a couple of other towns in Western Kansas, and we were there. If you missed the event, you can find the video here and our storify here. Senator Moran is still not supporting the BCRA, since the Senate bill doesn’t sufficiently meet the needs of Kansas. He said he’s looking at 4 areas that must be met by any bill before he supports it:

  • Make health care affordable and protect pre-existing conditions
  • Protect rural access to health care
  • Wants Kansas to expand Medicaid so it can pay for needed services (Hear this, Governor Brownback?)
  • Health care expenses shouldn’t stifle job creation

Here are great articles about the Palco town hall: Washington Post, Politico, KC Star, Topeka Capital Journal, and The Wichita Eagle.

We have these actions and events for the week of July 10. Hope you can join us!

Thurday, July 13

We will visit Congressman Yoder's office at Noon and ask him to Protect Medicaid and Repair the ACA. Join us! Click here for details.

All Week

The following 14 days are crucial. It's important to keep calling and keep our Senators on the hook for this monstrous bill. Use our research, now updated with information about the Senate bill, to help you. Click here for more information.

Many of our elected officials made a campaign promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act. We think it is time they are formally released from that promise so they can feel free to pursue meaningful health care changes that will positively impact all constituents, not harm them. If you agree, reach out to your Senators or Representatives to let them know you support #NoMoreRepeal. Click here for more information.

August 1 Primary

August 1 PrimaryDon't overlook the 2017 elections for municipal and school systems: resistance happens at every level! Check out our IKC Voter Guide for everything you need to know about the August 2017 primaries. Voter registration deadline is July 11! Local, state, and federal, we'll continue to stand strong, indivisible, and resist an agenda that will hurt our communities and families.

Stand Indivisible,
IndivisibleKC Team

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