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Hello Kansans,

What a crazy week. I know we keep saying this every week, but this one still outdid the others. Look at all the things that happened:

  • While Trump has the rest of us distracted, he hasn't distracted the US Senate. They are focused on repealing ObamaCare. Although they said they’d approach the House healthcare bill differently, we have learned they’re crafting it in secret, behind closed doors, and adhering to Rule XIV, which means it will bypass committees. Then, we found out Democrats haven’t even been invited to the table to add amendments. This isn’t democracy.
  • Our Kansas Legislature overrode Brownback’s veto and put an end to the Supply Side Economics Experiment. And, let's give major thank-you's to our female lawmakers and to the coalition of conservatives, moderates, and progressives for helping make this happen. Our work isn't fully done, but we're on the right track. Facts won over rhetoric. Kansas won over politics. Well-being of regular people won over ideology.
  • James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and under oath, he said he needed to take notes of his meetings with Trump, because of the “nature of the person.” Kudos to the White Hat.
  • Kris Kobach threw his name into the Kansas Governor’s race and then proceeded to attack the coalition of legislators who put an end to the Brownback Experiment. Never mind that the passage of this law resulted in Moody's upgrading Kansas' credit rating from negative to stable. So, this can only mean, if elected, he will bring back the tax cuts that mired our school funding, roads, and job growth for the past six years. We cannot go back. We will not go back.
  • The GOP-led House rolled back Dodd-Frank, pretty much taking away many restrictions on Wall Street that was put in place to make sure the Great Recession of 2008 didn't happen again. And, of course, it has the backing of the Trump administration, since it loosens lending practices. Remember, this was what brought our economy to its knees almost nine years ago.

This is what we have in store for you for the week of June 12.

Special Event: Monday, June 12:
Imagine our surprise when we found out Senator Jerry Moran will have a REAL town hall and not in some tiny town in West Kansas, but here, in the most populous county in the state. We are so excited about this, and even though it begins at the ungodly time of 7:30 AM on Monday, we hope you can adjust your schedules to make it. We need to show our numbers, we need to share our stories, and we need to ask questions about the way the bill is being handled in the Senate. Click HERE for details.

Office Visit: Friday, June 16:
On Friday, we have a visit to Senator Moran’s office. Our topic? Follow-Up on Town Hall. We will ask you to share questions and concerns that were touched upon or ignored in the Monday town hall. Join us. Click HERE for details.

All Week:
We need you to call Senators Moran and Roberts’ Washington offices. When the staff answers, ask to speak to their Health Legislative Assistant. Every office has one. Tell him or her you are a constituent and share your concerns about how this bill will affect you and your loved ones. The names are provided in the graphic. Click HERE for details.

Finally, our long tax nightmare has come to an end. Although it still leaves a budget hole, this accomplishment by a true coalition of legislators should be celebrated. With that in mind, we’re asking you to send them a letter to share your thoughts on their overriding Brownback’s veto. Click HERE for details.

Thank you for staying engaged. It’s hard in the summer, but remember, democracy never sleeps.

—The IndivisibleKC Team

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