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Hello Kansans,

A lot happened this past week.

This is what we have in store for you this coming week.

All Week: Call Your Senators and Write to Your Kansas Legislators

We have visited our fellow senators' offices and we have held and attended town halls to share our health care stories and concerns. Crafting the bill in secret appears to be working, because the Senators' phones just haven't been that busy ringing. No bill in public means no media coverage, no media coverage means no uproar. But, we must continue. Click HERE for details.

Did you write to your Kansas Legislators to tell them what you think of their vote to override the Governor's veto?  The new tax plan puts Kansas on track to fiscal good health. Click HERE to start writing. Also, want to stay caught up on the happenings in Topeka and back home while the legislature is out of session? Start by signing up for your legislators' newsletters.

Tuesday, June 20, at Noon: Roberts Office Visit

We're going to ask Sen. Roberts to show us the healthcare bill that the GOP senators are working on. We found out even he's not on the list of the 13 senators who are drafting it in secret. The main way Senator Roberts can do this is to deny his vote and force a public hearing. How can our fellow senator vote on something that affects 1/6 of the US economy without having expert hearings and public scrutiny? Click HERE for details.

Thursday, June 22, at Noon: Yoder's Office Visit

The passage of the Verify Choice Act is one more attempt by Representative Yoder and his colleagues in the House to add uncertainty to the health care system and then to destabilize its marketplace. We will ask him to stop sabotaging the ACA. Click HERE for details.

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