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Hello Kansans,

After 107 days in session, the Kansas Legislature still hasn't passed a bill on the two issues crippling our state: Tax Reform and School Financing.

Last night, instead of trying to figure out how to get in line with our state Constitution to equitably fund our schools, during a debate on the K-12 bill, school vouchers was brought up. This is outrageous. We need you to write your legislators and tell them to stop choosing ideology over pragmatism. Tell them NO to school vouchers and YES to fully and constitutionally fund our public schools. Click HERE for details.

We also have a couple of office visits to our Members of Congress planned.

This past Wednesday, Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, and who urged him to do so? Well, none other than our own Kansas senator, Pat Roberts. Our fellow senator talks about how much he wants to help rural farmers, but doesn't he realize that climate change will result in more droughts and that will result in lower crop yields and higher economic anxiety for farmers. We will visit Senator Roberts office because he needs to know our thoughts and concerns about this action. Click HERE for details.

A couple of weeks ago, Trump released one of the most conservative budgets in decades of either Democratic or Republican administrations. It leaves nothing untouched and it cuts a majority of domestic programs aimed at the most vulnerable in our society. Congressman Yoder sits on the powerful House Appropriations Committee. He will be responsible for which of these proposals will become actual cuts in the federal budget and which ones will not. If Congressman Yoder truly cares for Kansans like he says he does, he must oppose the cuts in Trump's budget, specifically those that leave the poor behind, especially children. Click HERE for details.

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