Indivisible KC Week of May 15th - Kansas Edition


Hello, fellow Kansans!

If you've been keeping up with the news this week, you might be starting to feel overwhelmed. Shady connections, inconsistent stories, investigations and subpoenas, an Executive branch that seems to be unraveling -- what to do?

We just keep fighting back. One day, one call, one letter at a time, bit by bit we keep the pressure up on our legislators. Never doubt that what you are doing matters. Never doubt that Congress is noticing it. So long as we don't give up, we can preserve that which we hold most dear.

Tonight, at 8pm, you can attend a Candlelight Vigil for Democracy at the Kansas State Capitol, raising our voices together.

This week, we're bringing the Trump/Russia crisis to our Members of Congress front and center, with office visits to Senator Roberts, Senator Moran, and Representative Yoder.  We are insisting that the Senate stop business and that members of both chambers voice their support for a Department of Justice appointed special prosecutor.

Can't make it to an office visit? No problem. The Indivisible Guide has resources explaining the background of this crisis, and what you can do about it -- call your Senators every day this week! And save the date - June 3rd Kansas City will be hosting a March for Truth, telling our leaders that we demand they stand up for our democracy.

While matters in Topeka lack the drama of those in Washington, action is no less urgent for the Kansas State Legislature. Legislators spent their first weeks back from recess making very little progress on the biggest issues our state faces. Write to your legislator to tell them that they need to focus, compromise, and pass a tax plan that funds our essential state services.

And don't forget, Indivisible KC is having our first membership meeting on May 23rd - hope you can join us!

We'll see you out there!

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