Indivisible KC Week of May 1st - Kansas Edition


Hello, fellow Kansans!

Donald Trump officially completed his first 100 days in office on Saturday. Ready to sit back, relax, and let the rest of his administration slide by?

We didn't think so. Neither are we.  As we move into the second 100 days, you'll find that we're still keeping the pressure up, and now there are over three thousand of us in the Kansas City area alone, all standing Indivisible together.

In this first week of May, Indivisible KC and United We Stand are sponsoring a week of events, starting with "May Day Action! Mobilize, Rally, March!" and ending with a conference: "From Resistance to Opposition to Political Power Conference."  We're really excited about the list of workshops on Saturday, and we think you will be too.

Also, Kansas office visits are in action. We'll visit the offices of Senator Roberts and Senator Moran to tell them to oppose Trump's tax policies, a massive handout for the rich.

And in the House,  the GOP is desperate to resurrect TrumpCare by making it even more harmful for millions of Americans. We'll tell Congressman Yoder to stay strong in opposing changes that don't protect people with preexisting conditions.

Can't attend the office visits? No problem! Write letter to your Members of Congress rejecting TrumpCare and Trump's terrible tax plan.

And of course, on May 1st, the Kansas legislature is back in session. As regular readers of this column know, they've got WORK to do.  Join Indivisible KC and Expand KanCare at a rally for the expansion of Kansas' Medicaid program, and learn how to promote this beneficial program with your state lawmakers.

We'll see you out there! Keep calling and keep sending your letters. You call it resistance? We call it democracy.

~Indivisible KC

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