Indivisible KC Missouri Actions: Week of October 23rd


Many thanks to those who attended the Rush Hour Rally for Healthcare! Your tireless efforts to beat back the zombie-like force of those who would leave millions uninsured are commendable, necessary, and historic.

In national news this past week,

In Missouri news this week, lawmakers have yet to find a compromise package to restore Governor Greitens' February cuts to services for the elderly and disabled. They have missed an informal deadline to do so. The latest version of a compromise plan denies a former $500 tax break to those earning more than $22,000 annually. On the questionably-bright side, regarding the issue of who will keep any benefits Senator Mike Cunningham (R-Rogersville) states, "I just flat out refuse to cut 100 percent disabled.” Keep up the pressure on your Missouri state senators! Surely they can do better than this very low bar...

In Indivisible KC this week, we have consolidated our week of events into one nicely packaged menu for you! Take a look at each event we have for this week, by clicking on the tiles to your right. You may notice we are not meeting at an elected official's office this week; INSTEAD, we ask you to gear up for November 7 special elections in a big way! We also ask for your continued push for CHIP reauthorization for vulnerable children - We. Just. Can't. Let. Up.

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