Indivisible KC Week of September 18th - Missouri Menu


We have consolidated our entire week of events into one nicely packaged menu for you! Take a look at each event we have for this week, by clicking on the tiles to your right, or the red links below to see what fits your schedule and your passion.

Here's what we have going on this week:

Missouri Mondays:

Last week our Representatives were in Jefferson City where they were unable to over turn the Governor's Veto, 106 Republicans voted to keep the cuts to 8,000 Missourians for in home services. We are asking that you contact your representative and tell them how disappointed in their vote you are. Click HERE.

9/19/17 - Tuesday 12 PM - Senator McCaskill's Office Visit:

This week we are visiting Senator McCaskill's office to ask that she Protect Consumers, Not the Financial Industry! Join us by RSVPing HERE.

9/20/17 - Wednesday 4 PM - Senator Blunt's Office Visit:

Trumpcare is back, the Graham-Cassidy Proposal is making it's way through the Senate and we are telling Senator Blunt to vote NO! if it comes up for a vote.  You can join us by RSVPing HERE.

We look forward to seeing you this week!

In Solidarity,

--Indivisible KC

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