Indivisible KC's Kansas Week in Action: October 2nd


Hello, fellow Kansans!

A week of victories, and a week of action. The Graham-Cassidy bill, another GOP attempt to roll back the protections and guarantees of the Affordable Care Act, went down after failing to reach the needed votes. All your calls, all your hard work has paid off AGAIN.

And investigative journalism scored one against the corruption in Trump's administration this week. After Politico reported that HHS Secretary Tom Price had spent more than $1 million in taxpayer dollars on private and charter flights for non-urgent, personal, or routine travel, Price resigned on Friday. The fight to drain the swamp continues with revelations that

While this degree of private travel may be typical for billionaires and Wall Street execs, it is not typical for government officials.

Trump spent another weekend at one of his golf courses, but took the time out to attack the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico on Twitter after her impassioned plea for help on Friday. Instead of repeating those attacks, we suggest that if you can, please consider donating to relief efforts to help our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico.

Elections 2017

Locally, elections are coming up! Are you ready? Are your friends and family? Here are some important dates and resources -- remember, we can't get officials who will fight back against a regressive agenda if we don't turn out to vote at every level!

  • October 17: Last day to get registered!
  • October 18*: Advance voting by mail begins
  • October 30 - November 6*: Advance voting in person open
  • October 31*: Last day to request an advance ballot by mail
  • November 7: Election Day!

(*advance voting options vary by county)

Upcoming Events

We hope you can join us for these events and actions this week.

Thursday, October 5th

Moran Visit - Neutral BudgetJoin us at Senator Moran's office as we ask him to support only budgets and tax plans that will invest in working families, not billionaires. Click here for more information and to RSVP.

All Week

CTA - Reauthorize CHIPCongress let the deadline to reauthorize CHIP, the block grant to states that funds health care coverage for middle-class kids, roll by without action. Call them and demand that they make this a priority. Click here for more information and phone numbers.

Constant vigilance is demanding, but it's paying off. Keep calling, keep writing, and keep telling your friends and family. We'll see you out there.

~Indivisible KC

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