Indivisible KC's Kansas Week in Action: October 9th


Hello, fellow Kansans,

Our focus this week is driven by last weekend's heartbreaking events in Las Vegas. Gun control is once again part of the national dialogue. And just like it was after Sandy Hook, after Pulse, it is in danger of once again being drowned in a tide of thoughts and prayers without meaningful action.

After national outcry, the NRA agreed that Congress could "review" the bump stock, leading to support from some of our local Members of Congress and underscoring who it is that really holds the reins when it comes to gun legislation in this country -- and it's not ordinary constituents.

If our elected officials "don't want to hear from angry constituents who are flooding their offices with telephone calls," then it's time for us to own that power.

In other important news locally,

And nationally,

Here's what we've got planned this week:

All Week

CTA - Gun Laws

This week, call your Members of Congress and tell them that the NRA is not the sole source of direction when it comes to gun legislation. Make their phones ring off the hook. Click here for more information and to spread the word.

Thursday, October 12

Yoder Office - Gun ControlWe'll visit the office of Kevin Yoder to tell him that toeing the NRAs line is no longer acceptable, and that the response to the Las Vegas massacre must go beyond merely looking into bump stocks. Click here for more information and to RSVP.


RegistrationDeadlineDon't forget to register to vote -- and if you're registered, make sure all your friends and family are also ready. October 17th is the deadline! Have you moved? Has your name changed? Be sure you're ready! Click here for more information.

Now is the time. This cannot be just one more dead-end after one more senseless tragedy. Now is when we own our power and create the change. Keep calling - keep writing - keep showing up. Engage your neighbors, your friends, your family, your coworkers.

We'll see you out there.

~ Indivisible KC

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