Indivisible KC's Week in Action - Kansas, April 9


Hello, Indivisibles!

Town Hall for our LivesSaturday was a big day locally! Hopefully you were able to make it to one of the many activist events going on in the area. (If not, stay tuned - there are always more chances to act!)  

Student organizers of KC's March for our Lives held a Town Hall for the Kansas 3rd district. Representative Kevin Yoder declined once again to meet with his constituents, so organizers invited every candidate running against him. All attended. Catch up on the event from 41 Action News (auto-play video) and the Kansas City Star.

And on Saturday night, legislators in Topeka held a late night game of chicken over how to extend the session -- with the entire session's work at risk. In the end, the Senate passed the House's school funding measure, worth around $500 million, and the House passed the Senate's adjournment measure, which includes a shortened period for overriding any vetoes from the Governor. Get the whole story of the wild ride from the Topeka Capitol-Journal.

Session Check-In

As the regular session in Topeka draws to a close, we'd like to review all the hard work that YOU have done to make our progressive priorities reality.

1. Stronger gun laws. You submitted written testimonies, made phone calls, joined lobby days in Topeka, and marched with student organizers. Thanks to everyone's tireless work, HB 2145, which keeps firearms out the hands of domestic abusers, has passed both chambers and is on the desk of Governor Colyer. There's plenty more work to do, and we'll keep holding our elected officials accountable to do it.

2. Well-funded schools. You called and wrote your elected officials all term, and reminded Senate leadership to "do their job" in the clutch. After the dust settled, the Senate passed SB 423, increasing school funding by $522 million dollars over five years, and Governor Colyer has indicated his approval!

3. Government transparency. You called your legislators and attended our Transparency Event. While we didn't get everything we hoped for this session, SB394 which makes all dealings with lobbyists transparent, was passed unanimously and is with Governor Colyer.

4. Medicaid expansion. You called and wrote your legislators, encouraged Senate leadership to bring it to the floor, came to Topeka to lobby, and attended town hall discussions. SB38 passed unanimously out of committee, and it's not dead yet. It's time to really apply pressure -- see our Calls to Action, below.

5. Voting made easier. You called your Representatives, and you heard from legislators at the transparency event. SB264, which makes advance voting permanent, was stricken from the House calendar and is unlikely to go further this session. We'll keep pushing in the 2019 session!

Your actions, calls, emails, and presence DOES matter! There's a lot to celebrate from this session, and we're not stopping on what didn't get done.

Calls to Action  

Take action on your own schedule! Use your phone and computer to make your voice heard.

Keep pushing for Medicaid Expansion: It's a long shot for the 2018 session, but it's not dead yet! Even if it doesn't pass in this session, we need to keep our legislators on the hot seat and make sure this stays a top priority for next session. Here's what you can do to help expand health coverage for more Kansans, putting our federal tax dollars to work right here.

  1. Write your own personal story as a Letter to the Editor.
  2. Share your personal story on the Indivisible KC blog, where they can be amplified.
  3. Attend events where your state legislator will be in attendance and ask them what they will do to expand Medicaid this session.
We'll be posting more information about all of these on social media in upcoming days.

Stop Trump’s War Cabinet: (Indivisible National) Mike Pompeo’s confirmation hearing for Secretary of State in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee could happen as early as Thursday, and Gina Haspel’s nomination for head of the CIA isn’t far behind.

If confirmed, Mike Pompeo would bring the #TrumpThreatLevel to a new high. He is a warmonger, a climate change denier, and an Islamophobe. If he were to become the face of U.S. foreign policy, he would export Trumpism across the globe, making us all less safe. You can help stop this. If we can get Democrats to stay strong, and vote against Pompeo, we can stop Pompeo from becoming our nation’s top diplomat. Call your Senators this week and tell them that they must say no to Pompeo!

Upcoming Events

Take action with others! Build energy and connection among like-purposed people.

Thursday, April 12th

Join the Fight for a Suitable EducationJoin Mainstream Coalition and Game On for Kansas Schools at 7:00pm for "Join the Fight for a Suitable Education," a forum featuring speakers from the legislature, area schools, and activist groups.  Learn more and RSVP

Friday, April 13th

Walk the Vote planning meetingIn June, Mainstream Coalition will sponsor Walk the Vote, a fundraiser for election activities in 2018. Interested in getting involved in the planning? RSVP to attend the upcoming planning meeting in Lenexa.

Once the session ends in Topeka, we refocus on the ongoing morass in DC and on the upcoming elections! Are you registered to vote? Are all of your friends and family? Get registered or double check at

In solidarity -

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