Indivisible KC's Week in Action - Kansas, December 4


Good Morning, Fellow Kansans,

We were all dealt quite a setback Saturday morning – harder to stomach because of your dedication to stop the Republicans’ tax scam. We appreciate every phone call, email and personal office visit you made. We can’t underestimate the impact that this fundamental rewriting of the economy will have on our country. Even as the bill continues its progress towards law, though, we're not backing down, and will hold our Members of Congress accountable for their vote at every step of the way.

In National News

Numerous aspects of this tax swindle likely directly affect you. The most egregious specifics have highlighted by Indivisible Guide here.  

When it comes to the tax bill, Congress now has two options: (1) appoint members from each chamber to a conference committee to work out the differences between the two versions, put them together and create a “conference report” that both House and Senate vote on; (2) Republicans could have the House pass the version just passed by the Senate, which would save them a ton of time and trouble as they move on to funding the government, the deadline for which is December 8, 2017.  

The bottom line is that it is not too late to call your Members of Congress and get MAD about their vote. Hold their feet to the fire! Make them feel the pain for voting for this horrible bill.

In Kansas News

Protesting Kobach and DJTLast Tuesday, November 28, Donald Trump Jr. came to our area to campaign with Kris Kobach. Together they sought to advance their racist, anti-immigrant, and bigoted agenda at a (minimum) $200 per person event at the Doubletree Hotel in Overland Park. United We Stand KC, IndivisibleKC and MoveOn gathered 350+ attendees in solidarity to oppose racism & hate in our community.  Thanks to everyone who came out to show that those values are not welcome here.

Also, a month after receiving a prestigious award for managerial excellence, Johnson County Manager Hannes Zacharias is out of a job. Usually the annual extension of the county manager’s contract is approved with little discussion. On Friday came word that some of the commissioners might take issue with Zacharias because they want to take the county in a more fiscally and socially conservative direction, impose more direct oversight over county operations, and adopt a more “laissez-faire” attitude toward regulation. Commissioners voting to drop Mr. Zacharias were Mike Brown, Michael Ashcraft, Jason Osterhaus and Steve Klika. Call them and let them know how you disapprove of this partisan shift in county governance.

Indivisible KC This Week:

Monday, December 4

Our partners and collaborators, Grandparents Against Gun Violence, will hear from both AdHoc Group Against Crime and Mothers United.  Arrive early for a “Lock It For Life” demonstration promoting gun safety. They meet at the Colonial Church in Prairie Village – 7039 Mission Road, starting at 4:00pm

Thursday, December 7

Moran VisitAt 12:00 pm we have our regular planned office visit at Senator Jerry Moran’s Olathe office (23600 College Boulevard, Olathe, KS 66061) to tell him exactly how betrayed we feel by his vote for the Tax Bill. Bring your stories, bring your signs and bring a friend. For more details, click on the banner under Actions

CCO: Where Do We Go From Here?Our collaborators and friends at Creating Caring Opportunities (CCO) are hosting “Where Do We Go From Here? KC's Black-White Divide” from 6:30 – 8:00 pm at St. Mark Hope and Peace Lutheran, 3800 Troost Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64109. For details, visit their event page.

All Week

Just click the related banner under Actions to get more information and phone numbers for all of these calls to action:

Stop CCRThe Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (H.B. 38) would force states to honor any other state's concealed carry permit, even if that state does not allow concealed carry or has more stringent permits. As it goes to the full House floor, now is the time to act. Our voices must counter the NRAs. Click on the banner under Actions.

Reauthorize CHIPThe House has finally voted to reauthorize CHIP, but the Senate is still dragging its feet. Call your Senator today and demand that they work for the 9 million kids who depend on CHIP.

Defend DACAProtection for the DREAMers needs to be included in the government funding bill. Call your Member of Congress and demand that a DREAM Act be passed in December.

We thank you for your continued interest and engagement on issues impacting all of us here in the metro, around Kansas and throughout our country.  We look forward to seeing you on the front lines of democracy this week.

Stand Indivisible,

The Indivisible KC Team

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