Indivisible KC's Week in Action - Kansas, February 19


Hello, fellow Kansans -

Women's March LFKIf you've been following the news, you know it's been a pretty difficult week. Remember to take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Take a deep breath. You are not alone.

Our actions this week are centered by the top stories from around the nation.

Last Wednesday, a 19-year-old former student, armed with an AR-15, opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Now, courageous students are using their voices and speaking out.  Several walkouts are being planned, and it's becoming clear that "thoughts and prayers" will not be a sufficient response for these students.

Also this week, Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued indictments against thirteen Russian individuals and three organizations as part of his ongoing investigation into the role that Russia played in interfering the 2016 elections. Heads of American intelligence agencies warn that Russia will use the same playbook in 2018. So far, the administration is failing to take action to protect American sovereignty.

Finally, the Senate failed to advance any immigration bills in the chamber this week, leaving Dreamers and other immigrants in limbo as the March 5th deadline approaches. It's becoming clear that only a clean DREAM Act can pass, as multiplank plans are too controversial.

Need to catch up on the news from Topeka? Watch the Week 6 Legislative Session Update (4 minutes) from Loud Light for all the latest.

In Wichita this weekend, the Kansas GOP held their state convention. While there, they ratified they a resolution to "oppose all efforts to validate transgender identity."  Dehumanization of transgender people is now official party stance. Are you represented in Topeka by a member of the GOP? Contact your Republican MoCs this week and ask if they stand by this resolution. If not, let them know that you expect an immediate, public repudiation of this exclusionary, hateful position.

Ready to make an impact? Here's how:

All Week

Tell Colyer: Gun Control NowWe're continuing to make sure that our new governor hears our voices. This week, we're asking him to help keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, and to make concealed weapons less prevalent, not more. Click here fore more information and phone numbers.

Clean DREAM ActThe Senate failed this week to advance any of the proposed immigration bills, leaving Dreamers in limbo as Trump's arbitrary March 5th deadline approaches. A large majority of Americans supports extending DACA protections. Click here to start writing your letter about demanding a clean DREAM Act.

Thursday, March 1

Keeping Kansans in the DarkJoin Indivisible KC and Mainstream Coalition on Thursday, March 1st at 7:00pm for a casual town hall focused on the secrecy around the Kansas Legislature and the governor’s Administration. Representative Stephanie Clayton will be speaking. Click here for more information and to RSVP.

Friday, March 2

Dream Act Now RallyOur allies with the Kansas/Missouri Dream Alliance are rallying and marching to support young immigrants and their families. Join us the evening of March 2nd to show support. Click here for details and to RSVP.

Tuesday, March 6

Pack the CourthouseJoin other voting rights advocates to pack the courthouse for Fish v. Kobach, as the ACLU takes on unnecessary and disenfranchising voting regulations. Kobach himself is expected to be there. Click here for more details!

Save the Date - March 24th

Various groups are planning nationwide action to demand gun control. We will be involved and will make sure to keep you posted. Watch here and on our social media channels for more details.

When we stay together and raise our voices together to demand an end to the intolerable, we are powerful. We are our greatest strength.

In Solidarity -

Indivisible KC

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