Indivisible KC's Week in Action - Kansas, February 26


Hello, fellow Kansans!

This week, we continue to be in awe of the young leaders from Florida and across the country as they take on the issue of gun control, bringing their energy and leadership to the issue. While we continue to support and amplify student-led action, here are a few you thing you can do to bring the heat to your elected officials:

  1. Tell your MoCs: don’t pass the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (a bill that makes mass shootings easier). Read Indivisible National's resource on the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act and use our call scripts to contact your Senators before this bill comes up for a vote!
  2. Pressure your state legislators to prevent gun violence. States can go beyond federal laws to pass common sense gun laws. Read Indivisible National's latest resource to find out about your state’s gun laws, what states can do to prevent violence, and how you can take action. The Kansas City Star Editorial Board recently offered these ideas, as well.
  3. Commit to #VoteThemOut. The only fail-safe way to make sure Congress takes up legislation to is to kick out the MoCs who vote on behalf of the NRA instead of their constituents. MoCs have received $31,399,341 from the gun lobby since Columbine, with more than $5,900,000 coming in 2016 alone. Watch and share this video on social media and commit to #VoteThemOut in November.

As referenced above, don't underestimate the importance of applying pressure in Topeka! Most of the active gun-related legislation has been tabled in the aftermath of the Parkland Shooting.

"A bill to lower the age of concealed carry in Kansas to 18 (HB 2042), the age of many high school seniors, was quietly removed from the agenda for today's Senate Committee on Federal and State Affairs. No word on when, or if, it will return. The bill passed by a wide margin in the Kansas House, before the tragic events in Florida last week. Unfortunately, HB 2145, banning domestic violence perpetrators from owning firearms, was also removed from the agenda. That bill passed the House 120-0." (Mainstream Coalition)

Also in this past week -- Turnaround! Turnaround Day - Thursday, Feb 22 -  is the day by which most bills need to have been passed by at least one chamber in order to continue towards passage. Not everything that hasn't been passed is dead though - bills can become amendments, and the work of some committees is considered exempt from turnaround. As the midpoint of the session, it's a good time to see where the state legislature is at. Here's one analysis of seven issues that could affect you (Wichita Eagle), and of course, this great summary of Week 7 from Loud Light (4 minute).

Ready to act? Here's what's coming up -

All Week

Call Colyer: Sensible Gun LegislationWe're continuing to make sure that our new governor hears our voices. This week, we're asking him to help keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, and to make concealed weapons less prevalent, not more. Click here fore more information and phone numbers.

Clean DREAM Act - letter writingThe Senate failed this week to advance any of the proposed immigration bills, leaving Dreamers in limbo as Trump's arbitrary March 5th deadline approaches. A large majority of Americans supports extending DACA protections. Click here to start writing your letter about demanding a clean DREAM Act.

Thursday, March 1

Transparency eventJoin Indivisible KC and Mainstream Coalition on Thursday, March 1st at 7:00pm for a casual town hall focused on the secrecy around the Kansas Legislature and the governor’s Administration. Representative Stephanie Clayton will be speaking. Click here for more information and to RSVP.

SL-KS3 Over Yoder Happy HourAre you also #OverYoder? Whether it's siding with big money interests or refusing to hold town halls, one group he's not representing is the citizens of KS-3. Join Swing Left and like-minded progressives who are ready to replace Kevin Yoder for a happy hour at Bier Station. Click here for more information and to RSVP.

Friday, March 2

Clean Dream NowOur allies with the Kansas/Missouri Dream Alliance are rallying and marching to support young immigrants and their families. Join us the evening of March 2nd to show support. Click here for details and to RSVP.

Tuesday, March 6

Voting Rights AdvocatesJoin other voting rights advocates to pack the courthouse for Fish v. Kobach, as the ACLU takes on unnecessary and disenfranchising voting regulations. Kobach himself is expected to be there. Click here for more details!

Indivisible is still tracking all three youth-led gun control dates. "Several events have been planned by the Women’s March Youth EMPOWER (school walkouts on March 14), the students of Parkland (a march in Washington, DC with sister marches across the country on March 24), and a national network of high school students (nationwide student walkouts on April 20, the anniversary of Columbine)."  

Here locally, Indivisible KC is working with our partners to stay on top of any planned actions, including a March for our Lives KC on March 24th, which we'll communicate across our channels as details become available. If you have any high school students in your life, look for ways to support and amplify their work and their voices.

For every generation, we stand together, Indivisible.

In solidarity - Indivisible KC

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