Indivisible KC's Week in Action - Kansas, May 14th


Hello, Indivisibles of Kansas!

IKC Action NightsDid you get a chance to take our survey yet? Indivisible KC is a grassroots organization that was founded and is run by people just like you -- citizens who were too alarmed and fed up to sit back and wait for this moment in history to pass by. Tell us what the organization means to you and what you'd like to see it become. Click here to make your voice heard! And as always, feel free to send us a Facebook message or an email to to let us know if you have a special idea, or if you're energized and eager to get more involved.

In the news this week, we learned of a strange confluence of the Stormy Daniels "hush money" story, the Russian collusion stories, and the corrupt pay-to-play angle. The New York Times reports that Michael Cohen, Trump's lawyer, received funds from a wide variety of sources, including a Russian oligarch, AT&T, and Novartis, a pharmaceutical giant.

Here's the bottom line: while any investigations into this or any other shady dealings of various Trump associates are both fascinating and essential, no investigation can save us from the racism, authoritarianism, and corruption of the Trump administration.

The findings of the investigation must be acted on, and this Congress has shown no appetite for behaving as a coequal branch of government that is willing to hold the Trump administration accountable.

What can we do?

  1. Continue to hold our current Members of Congress accountable, bringing bad publicity and expectations of better representation to light.
  2. Communicate about why this all matters to our friends, particularly those who are less engaged with current events.
    • Novartis can pay big money for access and insight to the Trump administration, but most people who need prescription drugs can't. Might that be why the president's promises to cut prescription drug costs have gone nowhere?
    • AT&T has the money to make sure their needs are met. Who's making sure that your needs as a consumer are met? Do you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sure your rates don't go up as part of a profitable corporate merger?
  3. Register to vote and commit to voting in the midterms, bringing along everyone in our circles of influence.

You are the seed. This is where better government starts.  

Election 2018

Be ready to elect or reelect officeholders who are working for your values on your issues!

June 1st is an important deadline for both voters and candidates. For voters, it is the deadline to change your party affiliation to be able to vote in the August primaries. There are exciting primary races for both major parties, and you'll need to be affiliated with that party to vote in the primary.  

It's also the candidate filing deadline, so you'll soon be able to see who's running in the races that affect you.

Are you starting to hear from candidates? Canvassing and phone banking have begun in earnest. If you can spare an afternoon or evening or two, reach out to a candidate you like and get on their volunteer list. Or if you can spare money, send a few dollars - $40, $25, even a $10 contribution can help run a campaign. Can't do either? Talk up your favorite candidates. Spread the word, and make sure that other eligible voters hear favorably about them.

Calls to Action  

Take action on your own schedule! Use your phone and computer to make your voice heard.

Save Net NeutralityThe Senate will likely be taking up the vote on Net Neutrality on Wednesday. While the FCC made their ruling some time ago, Net Neutrality is not set to end until June 11th. Call Senators Moran (202-224-6521) and Roberts (202-224-4774) right now to support legislative action to protect Net Neutrality. Need more detail? Not sure why you care? Visit Battle for the Net for an explainer and petition.

Block HaspelHaven't made the call to block Gina Haspel yet? It's not too late! After her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, Senators are beginning to make their decisions.  Trump's nominee to be the new Director of the CIA,"Gina Haspel personally helped torture detainees in a secret CIA-run prison during the Bush administration. She then made sure the video evidence was destroyed."  Check out Indivisible's one-stop page for everything you need to block Haspel's nomination in its tracks.

Farm Bill, no Harm BillDid you call Senator Roberts last week about the Farm Bill? We're putting the pressure on Senator Pat Roberts, the chairman of the Senate Ag Committee. The Senate version must not raise workfare requirements and threaten the Farm Bill.  Ready to bring the heat so that everyone can eat? Click here for the phone numbers and talking points!

And don't forget to put the pressure on Kevin Yoder and Lynn Jenkins, too - the House will be taking up the vote on the Farm Bill soon. Use Indivisible's explainer and call script!

Upcoming Events

Take action with others! Build energy and connection among like-purposed people.

Thursday, May 24

Swing Left Candidate ForumJoin SwingLeft for a forum introducing Kevin Yoder's Democratic challengers. Candidate meet and greet will begin at 5:30pm. Click here for more information, and be sure to RSVP, as space is limited.  Can't make this one? Watch for another in Johnson County on June 2.

Wednesday, May 30

March for Unions

March for Unions: Join Stand Up KC and others with a march and forum to demand new laws guaranteeing all Americans the right to form unions on Wednesday, May 30, from 5pm to 6pm at Oppenstein Brothers Memorial Park, E 12th Street. Let's use our strength in numbers to get things done together we can't get done on our own.

Go forth - be Indivisible. Be the seed.

~Indivisible KC

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