Indivisible KC's Week in Action - Kansas, May 21st


Hello, Indivisibles of Greater KC!

Happy anniversary to Special Counsel Mueller, whose investigation began one year ago last week. We wish him a speedy hunt for the truth and for us, the political will to see justice done.

Today, we've got News, Election Updates, Calls to Action, and Events. Savor it all over coffee, or jump to your favorite bit.

In the News  

Keep up with the most impactful stories and be ready to take action on developing stories.

  • Governor Colyer signed a measure permitting states to partner with faith-based adoption agencies that may discriminate against LGBTQ families. Outraged? It's time to elect candidates who won't stand for state-sanctioned discrimination. Read on....
  • Get ready for more news -- on May 22nd, the Kansas Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments in the Gannon case regarding funding of public education. Here's a quick refresher on the timeline from the Kansas Association of School Boards.
  • The Farm Bill failed in the House (yay!) but is back again next week for a revote on this must-pass issue, so we're not done yet.
  • Lots of news on the Russia investigation this week. Read an update here, and remember why this matters. We must demand better of our President, and a coequal Congress who will also demand better.
  • In good news - the Senate voted to restore the FCC Net Neutrality rules. It faces an uphill battle for a hearing in the House.
  • And in bad news - the Senate also voted to confirm Gina Haspel for CIA Director. Despite this setback, we must remain undeterred in demanding a better government.

Election 2018

Be ready to elect or reelect officeholders who are working for your values on your issues!

Don't forget - June 1st is a primary deadline! In order to vote in the August 7th primary, you must be registered with a party.

  • If you are currently registered with a party - June 1st is your last day to change that affiliation by switching to a different party or becoming unaffiliated.
  • If you are NOT currently registered with a party (registered as unaffiliated) - you may register with a party at any time, up to and including at your voting location on August 7th.

Next deadline is July 17th - to vote in the primary on August 7th, you must be registered by this date.

Did you know that in addition to candidate campaigns, a lot of election activity happens through a party's county office? If you'd like to help many candidates broadly, check out election activities happening through the party. Simply search for your county and party (ex: "Johnson County Democrats") in your favorite search engine and look for a website or Facebook page. Some counties will have special groups for women or young people getting involved!

Kansas Primary: August 7thOne great way to get involved is by becoming a precinct committeeperson. In this partisan role, you'll contact voters in your neighborhood and let them know about upcoming elections and candidates for the party. Get more information here.

Have you been involved with a campaign or election in any capacity? Want to spread the word about how much fun it is? Whether you were a candidate, an election worker, or you stuffed lit bags once, we want to amplify your experience! Take our short survey and help get others involved.

Calls to Action  

Take action on your own schedule! Use your phone and computer to make your voice heard.

Farm Bill - no Harm Bill (image: USDA)The #GOPFarmBill is back for a re-vote on Tuesday 5/22! Its draconian cuts will take food out of the mouths of babies to pay for the #GOPTaxScam. Please CALL CONGRESS 202-225-3121 and leave a message for your Rep: #HandsOffSNAP!

  • Kevin Yoder (KS-3) : 202-225-2685
  • Lynn Jenkins (KS-2): 202-225-6601

KCEG: Thank LawmakersHolding elected officials accountable isn't just about telling them when they've done something wrong - it's also important to thank them when they've voted the right way. Use the Kansas Center for Economic Growth's action alert to send a thank-you message to your lawmakers now for keeping Kansas on sustainable economic footing and rejecting risky, last-minute tax proposals.

Upcoming Events

Take action with others! Build energy and connection among like-purposed people.

Thursday, May 24, 12:00pm

Status CallJoin the Kansas Center for Economic Growth for their final Rise Up, Kansas briefing of the session at noon. They'll recap the session and talk about what is ahead for Rise Up, Kansas. Join the webinar at the following link:

Thursday, May 24, 5:30pm

Swing Left Candidate ForumJoin SwingLeft for a forum introducing Kevin Yoder's Democratic challengers. Candidate meet and greet will begin at 5:30pm. Click here for more information, and be sure to RSVP, as space is limited.  Can't make this one? Watch for another in Johnson County on June 2.

Wednesday, May 30

March for Unions

March for Unions: Join Stand Up KC and others with a march and forum to demand new laws guaranteeing all Americans the right to form unions on Wednesday, May 30, from 5pm to 6pm at Oppenstein Brothers Memorial Park, E 12th Street. Let's use our strength in numbers to get things done together we can't get done on our own.

Saturday, June 9

Mainstream Coalition: Walk the VoteOn June 9th, Mainstream Coalition is hosting Walk the Vote, an event that fundraises for moderate Republican and Democratic candidates. If you followed the news from Topeka this year (and we know you did!), then you already know how close many vital votes were. We must keep up the momentum in 2018 and keep sensible candidates in office. For more information about the event, and to contribute, visit the Walk the Vote website.


Poor People's CampaignPeople from Kansas are joining folks from 38 states to call for a moral revival in our country & carry forward the baton handed to us by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King to condemn systemic poverty, racism, militarism, and ecological devastation. Learn more about the Poor People's Campaign here, and watch for upcoming events, which involve taking non-violent direct action.

As usual, there's something for just about everyone. Don't worry about doing everything - just grab an oar and help us move forward together.

Shoulder to shoulder -

Indivisible KC

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