Indivisible KC's Week in Action - Missouri, January 8


Hello, fellow Missourians, and welcome to 2018!

The new year is often a time that we're thinking about new beginnings and fresh starts. But perhaps this new year, we're thinking more about renewing - as in renewing our vigor, our passion, and our energy to stand up against all the awfulness of this administration, its supporters, and all the elected officials willing to look the other way for their own priorities.

It takes a lot to keep fighting back month after month and year after year. It takes a lot to persist, to resist. But we'll go into the new year together, renewed, back into the fight, celebrating our wins and regrouping for the wins we haven't gotten yet.

RevolutionResolutionsThat's why we're starting with the year with #RevolutionResolutions, to help you set goals for the new year! Click over to the form, and tell us what your Revolution Resolution is! If it's okay with you, we'll share it with other Indivisibles, building resolve together.

Did you see the news?...

Trump disbanded his Kobach-led Advisory Commission on Election Integrity early in the year, a major victory for voting rights. Both the commission and Kobach himself have a long and troubling history of shady practices and trumped-up appeals to voter fraud. The cited reason was backlash from states. Jason Kander, President of Let America Vote, wrote in a recent editorial: "Let’s be clear: The reason Trump shut down his sham commission is because activists all over the country spoke up. We won this battle, but there’s still a long fight ahead."

And this weekend, Trump sent a message to Congressional Democrats that he'd be willing to make a deal on DACA -- Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the act that supports the DREAMers -- but only in exchange for funding on the $18 billion border wall.  

In Missouri, Governor Greitens is under scrutiny communicating with his office staff via the Confide app, which permanently erases all messages and hides the from Missourians; vocal Greitens critic and anti-corruption Republican Rep. Ryan Silvey has accepted a high-paying appointment from the governor; and Republican Senators Schaaf and Romine have vowed to block the Governor's appointments to the sate school board in protest of his strong arm tactics.

What's going on this week?

BluntOn Wednesday, January 10th, we'll visit the office of Senator Roy Blunt and ask him do just DO something already! We're asking that he use his power as a Senator to speak out against Trump's reckless warmongering with North Korea, to drive movement on renewing CHIP, and to pass a clean DREAM Act. Click here for more info and to RSVP.

DreamersThis week, call your Members of Congress and urge them to support and pass a clean DREAM Act - no useless, expensive wall, just legal protection for some of the hardest working young people in America. Click here for phone numbers and additional information.

As always, we're so glad to be in this fight with you as we renew, resist, persist.

In Solidarity -

Indivisible KC

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