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Hello Fellow Kansans,

Last week, Monday morning arrived and an article in the Kansas City Star announced that Congressman Yoder was having a Town Hall. Yay, we thought, until we read more and realized people had to register for a CHANCE to attend. Willy Wonka!

We had a few questions: How will the selection be fairly and fully vetted? Is it by his congressional staff? Campaign staff? Newspaper staff? Will Editorial Board members decide? Will names be compared to voter registration data rolls? Will party affiliation play a role? Will one’s address alone suffice?

We have repeatedly asked for open town halls with Mr. Yoder, but this was not what we or constituents of the KS-3rd had in mind. Four days later, KCStar managed to give some answers.

At the national level, white supremacists flooded Charlottesville last weekend. This Vice News coverage is a must-see. Trump sent mixed messages by first condemning them, and then a few days later speaking out in their support. This resulted in a rift between him and his Business Advisory Council and its eventual disbanding.

Trump’s messaging in support of the Neo-Nazis appeared as if it was led by Steve Bannon, the White House Chief Strategist, until we learned on Friday that Bannon had resigned from his position two weeks earlier and is now once again going to lead the alt-right website, Breitbart.

Now, on to exciting science news. We sit in the path of a solar eclipse that will occur Monday, August 21. For a totality, people will need to travel north of the Missouri River. Here’s a great article on all you need to know about the occurrence.

This is what we have going for the Week of August 21.

Thursday, August 24 at Noon
We will do a follow-up on Representative Yoder's Town Hall from the night of Tuesday, August 22 with his staff. The plan is to ask questions that people felt weren't asked and to hear answers that Mr. Yoder didn't have time to properly address. Click HERE for details.

All Week
As a consequence of the domestic terrorist attack that happened last week in Charlottesville, VA, it is important we address our Members of Congress not only to speak out against racism, violence, and xenophobia, but also to act against these prejudices in the Congressional Budget. Click HERE for details.

Happy Solar Eclipse and See You Out There!
The IndivisibleKC Team

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