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Hello Fellow Kansans,

In Kansas, Kevin Yoder attended his first in-person town hall hosted by the KCStar Tuesday night. 110 people received invitations out of nearly 2000 submissions, and still close to 15 seats remained empty in the chambers. Although around 80 people protested outside, no one was chosen to go in.

Well-engaged constituents, both supporters and critics, attended, and most of the questions asked were about health care. Even the editorial board, that received much ire for putting together this fiasco, came out the next day and said Yoder should do more town halls.

At the national level, Trump signed a transgender ban, fired Gorka from the White House, pardoned the bigot Sheriff Arpaio and all of this occurred just on Friday evening, while a category 4 hurricane, Harvey, churned off the shores of Texas. We will see the fallout from these actions in the coming days.

This is what we have for you this week.

Tuesday, August 29, at 6:30 PM:

Olathe Town HallKansas has lost to date over $2B in federal funds, including its own tax-payer money, to states that chose to expand Medicaid under the ACA. Expanding KanCare is a fiscally responsible Kansas-based solution that will cover over 50,000 residents in Kansas 3rd district and in the process, help create jobs, protect rural hospitals and improve the health of Kansans. Click HERE for details

All Week:

CTA: Transgender BanBigotry has no place in our military. We must stand up against all forms, including the transgender ban. Call you members of congress. Click HERE for details.

Friday, September 8, at 9:30 AM

Democracy TomorrowJoin the ACLU of Kansas, the League of Women Voters of Kansas, and the NAACP – Kansas State Conference of Branches for Democracy Tomorrow: Increasing Citizen Participation in Kansas Elections.

An all-day summit, Democracy Tomorrow seeks to explore ways to enhance civic participation and engagement in the state of Kansas. It will feature elected officials and leading thinkers from both Kansas and across the country to discuss ways to promote good citizenship practices. Click HERE for details.

In weeks like this, it's hard to know what to respond to first. The most important response is the one you make. It's easy to shut down, but we can't afford to do that. We'll see you out there.

The IndivisibleKC Team

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