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Hello Fellow Kansas,

Tuesday's a big day for many families, both across the nation and right here in our own community. That's the deadline set by several state attorneys general who are threatening to sue the Trump administration if he does not fulfill his campaign promise to cancel the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, which protects undocumented youths brought to this country as children, known as the DREAMers. Trump has said he'll make an announcement on Tuesday regarding the fate of the program - and that of the hundreds of thousands of young people affected.

At the state level, KC Star reported that our Secretary of State, who’s pushing voter suppression tactics in Kansas and across the US, is now a paid columnist of the Alt-Right website, Breitbart. When asked about the site’s ties to white supremacy, Kobach said, “I find that criticism to be completely baseless and if Breitbart had any connection to white nationalism I would not write for the site..” Uh, right. The article also states that “Each of Kobach’s columns has a footnote that mentions his campaign and includes the address for Kobach’s campaign website. It also touts Kobach’s role as vice chairman of Trump’s election commission. ”

Something seems fishy that a man running for office of Governor can write a paid column in a white supremacy site, touting his credentials as a voter suppressor, and ask for donations to said race in the said column. But who in our Kansas legislature is willing to look into this, much less stop it?

At the national level:

And, this is what we have going on for this week.

Thursday, September 7, at Noon
Moran Office Visit: Defend DACAWe will visit Senator Moran’s office to ask him to support the Durbin-Graham DREAM Act. Click HERE for details.

All Week

CTA: Defend DACACall your Members of Congress and ask them to Protect DREAMers and Defend DACA. Click HERE for details.

Friday, September 8, at 9:30 AM

ACLU Democracy TomorrowJoin the ACLU of Kansas, the League of Women Voters of Kansas, and the NAACP – Kansas State Conference of Branches for an all-day summit.

Democracy Tomorrow seeks to explore ways to enhance civic participation and engagement in the state of Kansas. It will feature elected officials and leading thinkers from both Kansas and across the country to discuss ways to promote good citizenship practices. Click HERE for details.

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