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At Reclaim Our Vote we have pivoted from pure voter education to voter turnout!  The 2020 election is here and Reclaim Our Vote is offering many events to make sure you are up to date on our actions and plans and have the training you need to work with us to effectively get out the vote.

We are consolidating our event list to make it easier to keep up to date.  You will find the following types of events here:

  • CALLAPALOOZA!  This weekend 10/31 - 11/1, we're calling voters all day!
  • Election Day Open House with Andrea - all day Nov 3, starting at noon Eastern
  • Board Updates - our target states and update on past and future activities
  • Tuesday 10/27 Guided Phonebank  (5-7pm ET)
  • Wednesday 10/28 Guided Phonebank  (4:30-7pm ET)
  • Friday 10/30 "100 calls bc TGIF" Phonebank  (4-7pm ET)
  • Monday 11/2 Guided Phonebank  (4:30-7pm ET)
  • Signup for Texting Campaign for In-state volunteers

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