SURJ SWFL Listening Project


We are excited to announce that our chapter will be taking part in the first ever, SURJ Listening Project starting in August!

About a year ago, SURJ national began exploring the idea of launching a Listening Project. The goal of the project would be to connect with 5,000 poor and working class white people across the country to bring them in to our movement. Poor and working class white people are deeply impacted by many of the same injustices that people of color face, but they are also seen as the people who “won’t be with us” on racial justice. As white people, we need to bridge this divide, and the Listening Project - deeply listening to the stories and issues that matter to poor and working class people - is a start towards doing that.

We are looking for volunteers who come from poor and/or working class backgrounds, who are ready to take bold action, develop as leaders, knock on some doors, listen to some stories, and help shape the future of anti-racist organizing in Southwest Florida! We are also looking for people from all other class backgrounds who are ready to work in cross-class solidarity to help meet the goals of this project.

To join the Listening Project fill out the form linked at the bottom of this email and we will call you soon! If you would like to learn more, still fill out the form. We will call you too!

If you’re not sure of your class identity, here are some resources that may help:

Listening Project Response Form

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