Missouri Week in Action - Week of January 29


Hello, Indivisibles!

Thanks to everyone who came out last week to Voters Denied. We heard from some great speakers about strategies Kansans are taking to protect voter rights and make it easier to vote. As we face current and upcoming challenges to voter rights here in Missouri, it will be important to keep those strategies in mind.

If you couldn't make it, check out our event recap or Mainstream Coalitions's video on their Facebook page.

In national news this week, we learned that in June of last year, Trump tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. We also know that on June 3rd, 2017, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in the March for Truth to demand and support Mueller's independent investigation into Russian interference in our elections. Trump's response answers any lingering doubts about whether public outcry matters. Your actions matter.  

What Trump tried once, he may try again. Indivisible KC, in connection with MoveOn, has a rapid response planned if Trump does fire Mueller, an act which has been described as crossing a red line. Get ready and plan your response with us here.

Activism scored a big victory when the Children's Health Insurance Program was extended for six years as part of the negotiations over the budget and government shut down.  Thanks to everyone who reached out to their Members of Congress to demand prioritization for the CHIP program.

In Missouri, Governor Greitens came out of hiding to present his budget. Missouri faces a budget shortfall of up to $450 million thanks to the 2105 state tax cuts, so a lot of programs are facing a slim year, most notably higher education which faces a 10.8% cut, and the state's Medicaid program which would be cut by $80 million.

In a smaller story that still breaks our hearts, Republican legislator Rep. Hannah Kelly introduced a paid family leave bill, only to withdraw it a few days later after meeting with "stakeholders." Read more in this week's Missouri News Roundup.

Update on Dreamers

Approximately 800,000 undocumented young people are currently shielded from deportation under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Another 1 million are likely eligible for DACA but have not applied for it. Trump rescinded the Obama executive order that created DACA in the fall of 2017, leaving Congress six months to legislate a solution.

Many DACA recipients have lived in the United States all their lives and have few ties left to the countries from which their parents emigrated. Their fate is hinging on negotiations in Congress, where a Feb. 8 deadline to pass a government spending bill is fast approaching.

While the President and legislators on both sides of the aisle all agree that they hope to save Dreamers before Trump's timer runs out, negotiations have been fraught. President Trump made a proposal last week that would put 1.8 million Dreamers on a path to citizenship. However, part of the framework is that $25 billion in funding for a border wall will get the green light. The plan also includes other immigration strictures, such as excluding family members beyond spouses and children, and abolishing the diversity visa lottery. Immigrant rights advocates immediately came out against the proposal.

It's time to stop using the lives and livelihoods of hardworking young people for political leverage. It's time to pass a clean DREAM Act. Call your members of congress today.

What's going on this week?

For Missouri Mondays with Indivisible Missouri, Take a stand against attacks on our most vulnerable Missourians. Tell your Senator to protect Circuit Breaker Tax Credits & SNAP benefits. Vote NO on SB567 & SB561. Remember Jefferson City Lobby Days are coming up on January 31st and Feb 13th.

Join low wage workers, The Grisly Hand, Fred Wickham Music & the Hadacol Caravan and The Country Duo as we mark a historic milestone: Stand Up KC’s fifth year of building the Fight for $15 and a union movement in KC. We honor the history we made - together. Saturday Feb 3rd at 7pm.

Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus is hosting a full day Campaign School on Saturday Feb 3rd for anyone interested in running for office or being a star volunteer on a campaign! Instructor Kate Coyne-McCoy MSW is President of Campaign Fixer and has trained more than 8,000 candidates and assisted with hundreds of successful elections.

In solidarity,

Indivisible KC

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