Indivisible KC Week in Action: Missouri, April 30


We're looking forward to our next IKC Action Night, this Tuesday evening at Bier Station in Waldo! We'll have packets of postcards to send to current and future Missouri voters, and plenty of news to talk about (who can keep up with Governor Greitens' many scandals these days!?). Over our last two Action Night events, we've sent nearly 1000 postcards with voter registration information to new Missouri residents as part of an effort organized by our friends at Indivisible St Louis.There are only a few hundred left before our statewide network reaches its goal of 20,000! Please join us as we work to make 2018 a year for record breaking voter participation!

As the weather is getting warmer, campaigns are starting to heat up too. One of the most exciting ways to be an engaged citizen is to get involved with a campaign. It's the best way to to make sure that we're sending the right people to Washington and Jefferson City to represent us. Not only that, it's easy and can fit into your schedule.

  1. Find a Candidate: Maybe there's an incumbent you're eager to replace (or support!). Maybe you're wanting to learn more about a race. Ballotpedia is a good place to find out who's running and for what.
  2. Learn More: Once you find a candidate or two, learn more about them and their issues on their web page, social media pages, or news articles / profiles. Ideally, they're a good fit with your priorities and get you excited.
  3. Reach Out: Many campaigns will have contact information for would-be volunteers on their web pages or social media pages. Remember - your candidate is (hopefully!) very busy, so it may take a couple of contacts before you hear back from the campaign. That's okay.
  4. Get Involved: Most campaigns will be looking for help fundraising, making phone calls, or knocking on doors. Whatever you're most comfortable doing, you can usually do it in 1-2 hours, and it's fun to meet like-minded supporters.

In the News  

Keep up with the most impactful stories and be ready to take action on developing stories.

In Missouri

  • There were more twists and turns in the Greitens scandal this week, as harsh words and accusations between the Governor and Attorney General Hawley threaten to tear the Missouri Republican party apart. Meanwhile there are reports that the Governor may be facing even more charges related to filings with the Missouri Ethics Commission.
  • The Missouri Senate passed a budget that failed to meet school funding needs by $50 million. GOP lawmakers argued the cuts were necessary to make room in the budget for school transport and senior services. We find this hard to believe, considering that lawmakers are continuing to push Kansas-style tax cuts in the face of revenue shortages. Surely there's some way we could fund the state budget that doesn't involve sacrificing programs that benefit children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.
  • A crucial ballot measure to protect unions (NO on Prop A!) is scheduled for the November election, but a bill that would move it to the lower-participation August voting date has passed out of committee in the House.
  • Read more in our Missouri News Roundup!

Across the Nation

Calls to Action  

Take action on your own schedule! Use your phone and computer to make your voice heard.

Speak up for LGBT Missourians: Did you know that Missouri has no law protecting LGBT folks from discrimination? It is legal in Missouri in 2018 to deny someone housing or dismiss them from their job for no other reason than their LGBT status! We cannot let that continue. Join our letter campaign today and tell your legislator to say Yes to equality, Yes to MONA, Yes to HB 836!

Upcoming Events

Take action with others! Build energy and connection among like-purposed people.

Mobilize & Socialize - Now With Beer! Don't miss this chance to talk politics, learn the best way to contact your legislator and write postcards to potential voters with other cool and fun people, just like you! Please join Indivisible KC Tuesday, May 1, from 6:30pm - 9pm at Bier Station, 120 E Gregory Blvd for our informal IKC Action Night gathering.  If you are able, please bring at least 20 postcard stamps, and feel free to bring a friend. You'll definitely make a friend!

Get Ready! The Poor People’s Campaign launches its season of non-violence on May 14 in Jefferson City and state capitols across the country to advocate for democracy and equality. Rise and shine at 5:30am, Monday, May 14, at 3230 Troost Avenue, as we march in KC and send off our multi-racial movement to Jeff City.

Reclaim Our Power: The Workers Revival Festival will bring together bands, activists and speakers in KC on May 11 and 12 to welcome a new age for working people and teach one another how to organize for the future. Find out more about the bands, workshops and speakers. Use this link for tickets. We’ll celebrate our victories and reclaim our power. Remember to bring your dancing shoes!

It's hard to find the time and energy some weeks, but if you can take one action, make one phone call, or bring one person along with you, you're helping to resist regressive policies and corrupt practices at every level.

Shoulder to shoulder with you -

Indivisible KC

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