PA District Attorney: Drop Protester Charges!

In a blatant example of selective enforcement, the Allegheny County District Attorney's office is continuing to pursue charges against those protesting police brutality. To date over 40 activists have been hit with felony charges, based on overly broad laws and scanty evidence. Even if ultimately dismissed, these charges cause the defendants months of stress, enormous expense, and in some cases weeks in jail. This is without question an attempt by the DA to stifle free expression and chill protests. Accordingly we are calling for a phone zap to demand that all charges against protesters be dropped.

On Tuesday, September 8 starting at 9 AM call the DA's office and demand he drop the charges!

Phone number: (412) 350-4400

Sample script:
Hello, my name is ___. I am a community member calling to demand that all charges related to recent protests be immediately dropped. It is bad enough that protesters were subjected to tear gas and bean bag rounds for speaking out against police brutality, without the additional burden of unwarranted felony charges.These charges are an obvious attempt to chill free speech that needs to end now.

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