PDNJ Deep Canvassing

What is Deep Canvassing?

Deep Canvassing revolves around having authentic conversations with voters, focusing on active listening and understanding. This approach allows progressive organizers to shape their policies and messages based on the real concerns of the people. By establishing these connections, trust is built, motivating higher voter participation. It's a key tool that helps amplify the voices of everyday people, driving meaningful change and paving the way for progressive candidates to succeed in elections.

How is Deep Canvassing different than Traditional Canvassing?

Unlike traditional approaches that rely on scripted conversations and quick interactions, deep canvassing emphasizes genuine and empathetic engagement. By actively listening, sharing personal stories, and understanding people's motivations and concerns, deep canvassing builds authentic connections that foster meaningful dialogue. Its uniqueness lies in the focus on fostering attitude and behavior change over time, rather than seeking immediate results. This method recognizes the complexity of human perspectives and aims to bridge divides by encouraging reflection and open-mindedness. In an era where shallow interactions prevail, deep canvassing stands out for its commitment to cultivating understanding and driving positive change at a deeper level.

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