Plan to Win Webinar Series

Join us for an action-oriented webinar series to help you prepare to build independent political power leading up to the November 6 election — and beyond! This series focuses on tools and practical skills to help your local group engage voters on the issues that matter most. We’ll hear case studies from local resistance groups and we’ll dig into challenges and share learnings and best practices between different groups across our state.

July 11th - How to Canvass: The Spectrum of Allies. Register here.

July 18th - How (and Why) to Build Independent Political Power. Register here.

July 25th - Word on the Street: Effective Event Promotion. Register here.

August 1st - Building Our Groups: Recruitment and Leadership Development. Register here.

Beyond the Choir and Pennsylvania Together are partnering to host this series, as part of Pennsylvania Together's 2018 Plan to Win. Pennsylvania Together is a statewide coalition of grassroots resistance groups. Beyond the Choir is a national movement support and training organization, whose programs include the Veterans Organizing Institute, supporting Lancaster Stands Up, and more. In 2018, we will work with grassroots resistance groups to build political power outside of rural areas, towns, and small cities outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. This tools in this series have been developed over the past year through both organizations’ on-the-ground work in PA. The webinars will be facilitated by Hannah Laurison of PA Together, and Marisol Ocampo and Jonathan Smucker of Beyond the Choir.

Each webinar will be 70 minutes long and will follow this basic flow:

  • 10 min - Welcome & Introductions

  • 20 min - Presentation of Core Concept / Tool

  • 15 min - Case Study / Q & A

  • 20 min - Discussion of lessons and application (small groups if audience is over 10 pp)

  • 5 min - Closing

Webinar participants are welcome to join us for the whole series, or for any one of the webinars. If you are interested in learning more about our electoral program, please contact us at